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First time restorer needs some guidance.


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I found this Bianchi M Alloy Pro On gumtree and took delivery today. I believe it’s a 2003 model? 

For the year it doesn’t look like it’s done huge mileage but there are a few things I need to sort out. 
The guy I bought it from was from Malawi and had just learnt to ride. 
Told me it makes a grinding noise when you pedal....obvious issue with how the chain had been threaded and that seat keeps falling backwards...due to the backward and loose seat post :)
My plan is to get this beaut back to its former glory but I don’t want to drop silly money on it. 
The clear coat has lots of these little cracks in it and there is some paint fade in some areas.  
- what is the best way to get some shine and original color back to this frame? Would it need to be completely re-sprayed or will a very fine sanding and re-spraying of the clear coat work?  I want to keep it as original as possible so not really keen to go the complete respray route.  
Apart from that it looks like I just need to find a campy front mech and put some bar tape on.
is this worth spending money on or are there loads of them around? 









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I would strip all the parts and clean it properly, re lube and fit new cables.

The frame I would used either a 1200 grid wet sanding paper and give it a flat and polish or if it's not to bad rubbing compound and polish. At least at this point you will see/know what you have and where to spend money.

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please dont sand that paint it will trash it and the decals with it - strip the parts - check the bb - re-grease and re-assemble it - check the headset is adjusted and tightened correctly - re-cable it - find a campy front D and some bar tape and tires - its almost 30 years old its not supposed to look any diff to how it looks thats why its a vintage bike 

its a great looking old team edition coloured bianchi dont bodge it -there are plenty of bodged ones around already 

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Think Alu can comeback properly in this wider tyre market we find ourselves in nowadays. 


Alu was a bit hars for most, but sure was a very good material. Carbon and its compliance took over and it left Alu with a short time to shine.

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Hi Plse can u assist . whereabouts did u buy collect bike from asking as a mates moms identical bike was stolen in Durban recently

Hi, was bought from a Facebook add in Pretoria. I did check the stolen bikes listed here before making payment

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