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Momsen vs Silverback vs Titan


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Goodday, I'm new to the bicycle scene.

I'm looking for a new entry level bike. Max budget is around 6k, I know its not a lot but i still need to afford the rest of the kit.


I've been scrolling the internet for deals and some of the bikes i see most are silverbacks Momsens and Titans and i just want to know what the opinions are of the 3 brands?


I've seen 2 good ads recently one is what looks like a 2018 silverback stride(Blue and black incl cleets pedals, gloves phone holder and speedo) and one is a new model(less than 100km incl helmet and pump) Momsen AL029. Both fall in budget and have some extras.

Any advice on these 2?


Kind regards


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I was really interested in buying a Titan Drone last year, but I got a Merida instead. The Titans have good specs for the price. I was just a bit concerned about the weight of the frame.

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We have a couple of Titans .... so maybe just a bit biased.





2. Silverback ... though I dont like the look of that extra cable guard ....


3. Momsen .... I have friends who LOVE their Momsens ....



In the end, same market segment, similar specs .... buy the one that moves your soul.

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All things being equal, get the bike you think looks the best.


You have to ride it.


Just make sure that the size is right. That's more important than anything else

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