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Last book you read?


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43 minutes ago, RocknRolla said:

So the Andy Crowe Book seemed to have done the job. I am now a PMP. Or as my eldest refers to me.. P(i)MP

Nice one. Congrats. 

reminds me of ole Manual in fawlty towers. 


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“The parasitic mind. How infectious ideas are killing common sense” Gad Saad

I am 60% into this book, and it’s a good one.



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The bell jar. 

what an odd read. Jarring. Beautiful descriptive. Knowing the history of the author prompted me to read it again in a different light. Basically a description of her life for a period of time. She committed suicide around the time the book was published in the early 60s. This novel a description of her journey into madness. 


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Started re-reading Terry Pratchett's Discworld series... 


It been years since I read them the first time, so I've forgotten more than I'm remembering, which is cool... 

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I just found this thread. I'm a fond reader myself and don't mind getting lost in the pages of a good book. I was gifted the latest Bennie Griessel saga from Deon Meyer, Leo, over December. It kept me busy for about 4 days.I really enjoyed it. The end was very abrupt. 


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Books are meant to make one pause and think. 

this is such a book. Damn. 


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