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CTCT 2024 - Pink Train - I-Love-Boobies


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This is my humble contribution to a cause much bigger than I.


The I❤️Boobies brand is well known.  You can follow their efforts here -



I have the privilege to ride the 2024 CTCT, aka Argus, on the Pink Train with I❤️Boobies.


May I ask that you consider donating towards this worthy cause -



The money goes directly to I❤️Boobies.


Each and every contribution adds up and helps this worthy cause.  As a frame of reference, it costs approximately R300 per screening.


PS - May I ask that you tag your donations as "Bike-Hub".



More information and photos to follow ....


This boer-seun is busy preparing a special PINK edition bike for Argus-2024 🫣



Let the fun begin ... bring those challenges ...





1. Arranging a transfer of an entry to join the Pink Train - email Nicky at : nicky@iloveboobies.co.za


2. Clothing is from CIOVITA - do check their sizing chart (their cut is smaller than many other brands) -





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Thank you for the messages of support.


This is a the perfect opportunity for those how have been affected by the "big C" to contribute to such a worthy cause.  The money goes directly to I❤️Boobies  :thumbup:





I know many Hubbers have experience cancer in their families, some are still on the road to recovery.  Kindly give this thread a bump, or share some of your experiences.  



Let's keep this thread active ....



PS - I will welcome ideas to maximize the fund raising opportunity for I❤️Boobies :thumbup:


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a Bump for @ChrisF cause for I❤️Boobies.

Made a contribution yesterday and received a lovely letter of thanks this morning.

@ChrisFall the best with your preparations and looking out for that PINK Kalahari Ferrari!

Please support the cause, more than I❤️Boobies, cancer, we all have a love for bikes, cycling and the greater cycling community in common.

I do believe that bikes can change the world!  



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THANK YOU to each and every Hubber that have been donating to this worthy cause.  Your DM's are noted and appreciated.




Each and everyone of us have friends or family that have had cancer.


Some were lucky enough to have an early diagnoses and a succesful treatment.


THIS is the primary aim of I💖Boobies :




May I ask that you :

1. Spread the message to your loved ones - Early detection.

2. Forward this thread far and wide.

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On 12/14/2023 at 3:57 PM, ChrisF said:

Did a test fit at Ciovita to make sure of the size ....


Top ordered from I❤️Boobies



CrisF, how is the fit i.e. did you need to change from your regular size, and if so, did you go up a size or down?

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On 12/21/2023 at 9:12 AM, Johan A Marais said:

If I do it (The Race) next year, I will most definitely do it with this group and do the full entry/donation.  Currently getting my family onboard to support....

#justdoit #lekkermanlekker


Done, purchased the full package. #insupport

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Me and my son entered for the full package. Will be his first ever cycling event and with mtb nogal. I'm 70 and he is 47. Very proud to do this together. When I turned 60 we ran The Oceans together now he returns the favour with the CTCT in the colours of I love boobies.

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ONE more week to enter CTCT 2024 at the standard rate, as per the CTCT website.


NOW is the time to contact Nicky at I-Love-Boobies to join the 2024 Pink Train - nicky@iloveboobies.co.za




PS - contact details for Nicky, and Civita sizing chart added to POST ONE.


PPS - there is NO cut-off date to donating to this most worthy cause.  We all know the financial reality of January .... You can buy the I-Love-Boobies merchandise in February.  AND you can make a donation any time of the year.


Final thought .... as much as this is about raising funds for a worthy cause, it is also about RASING AWARENESS !!!!  EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES.


If you cant join the ride, or cant donate at this stage, PLEASE forward this thread and/or the I-Love-Boobies details to your circle.  Let's get the word out there ..... EARLY DETECTION






Once again a BIG thank you for the messages and all the posts here and the wonderful support of the Bike Hub community.



(few more weeks of this, then we all unite behind @Jewbacca for the Munga and the SPCA)

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Januworrie is a thing of the past ....


Kindly consider joining the Pink Train in the few days that are left to register.



Alternatively, kindly consider a contribution to I ❤️ Boobies  (their details in first post)





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Please note the feedback from the I-Love-Boobies charity -


Cycle Tour admin closes TODAY night at midnight.

There are 27 entrants and 15 transfers who have not yet clicked the link below. If that is you, please do this now.



Looking forward to meeting all the Hubbers that are joining the Pink Train :thumbup:

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