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Suspension travel

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So i do have a question on front suspension travel , i currently have a 100mm manitou markhor on a size XL titan racing drone frame , bike is one size to big for me as i should ride a size large , i have a lyne amp bar (760mm with 12mm rise ) and a lyne amp stem (60mm) (31.8mm clamp dia) 

If i want to change the travel on my fork shoul i get a negative stem and a flat bar for the same feeling or should i just leave it on a 100mm , or will be messing up the geometry of the bike? 


Note that i do race competitive xco 

But 100mm on a hardtail is not enought for my weight (78kg) 


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20mm up or down changes the geometry with less than a degree. You could use a negative stem or take out a spacer if you feel the front getting light on steep climb. 

This said I will not add more than 20MM. Given the range of light 34/35mm forks that's what I would replace it with. Something like a Fox 34sc or RS Sid 35. 

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If that cockpit (saddle height, stem length)  is set up where you feel comfy, that bike is NOT a size too big for you imo. 

then, what makes you say 100mm travel is not enough for 78kg? 78kg is light in my books, especially if you are riding an XL bike and are most likely tall.
Are you blowing through the travel too easily? That suggests  a fork setup issue more than anything else. 
anyway, those are internally adjustable to 120mm from what i read. I dont think it will change the feel of the cockpit too much…as with more travel comes less air pressure and more sag too. Think around 10mm probably.

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Ya 78kg is not too much for 100mm.

What is the actual issue you are having with the front end that made you want to change?

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Not sure what issues you are facing here, do you find you are sitting with too much weight over the front end of the bike? 

If so, check your fork sag is correct (20mm sag). If sag is correct and you still find yourself too far over the front wheel. 

If fork sag is correct, you could try the same length stem with a higher degree of rise. 

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