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Polar 720 Battery change ?!


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 - has anyone changed their own battery on a 720 or similar model with all the gimmicks (including Altimeter), the battery p/n is 2453. Would like to know if and where anyone has managed to buy one of these batteries.

I usually change my own battery but seem to have a problem finding this one, and do not really want to send it in for the battery to be changed by Polar.

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Dick - Fine print in 20 languages excpet engleesh..smileys/smiley2.gif plus I dont plan to swim with it, (probably will sink with it).

Safest bet would be to send it to Polar I suppose, but I would like to see what's what inside as well..

I have taken it to 2 polar dealers here in good ole Schweiz...

1st one gave me a form to fill in and told me to send it to polar myselfsmileys/smiley32.gif

The other said I can bring it in to them and that they would send it to polar on my behalfsmileys/smiley32.gifsmileys/smiley32.gif +/- 2 weeks delivery.

Tried a few watch and electronic shops for the 2453 battery, no luck never had it in stock. It is a larger than normal dia and thickness than the usual batteries, perhaps a camera shop??


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 he he smileys/smiley36.gifI found "some" batteries for the 720 - CR2453's nogal, just one problem - cannot buy 1 battery, have to buy a box of them, not sure exactly how many in the box or how much (was in a cataloge showing only the item number).

So it's now in the post to Polar Switzerland.


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Ja Ja - I so far have managed to keep my hands above the water line when I cycle. smileys/smiley2.gif

Point to send it in is without doubt the best solution.


I originally asked the question to find out if anyone had done it themselves, to see if the 720 was more difficult to change than the other polars without the altimeter, temp sensor. Usually they can be changed without damaging the seal (unless it was damaged when last assembled), have done it many times on my other polars and they (I used them for swimming) never leaked, it just takes TLC - just like when you shave your legs?.


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