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Hub Mtb ride at Northern farms


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Thanks for a great day out the Jones's had immense fun... Tongue


MichH pls remember you can't play chicken with a bike... heres the few pics of Flash flyingLOL




"I believe i can fly"Clap




Missed the path bit shaky on the landing...Shocked




Hmmm looks like he is heading for MichHConfused




BREAKS.... He missed... just...Confused


Thats all from me guys and gals...


Happy Holidays Big%20smile

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The day was sooo much fun. My Raleigh is extreme comfortable and I managed to fall only once. No damage to the bike only a bit brused myself.


Breakfast was amazing. Thanks to MichH and hubby for getting everything sorted. And thanks to Slowpoke for chocolate cake, very delicious.


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Hi Guys,


It was great joining you guys yesterday and meeting some more Hubbers!


Thanks to MichH for letting me use her back-up bike! Also thanks to her hubby for an AWESOME breakfast! SARA has some serious competition!


Big thanks to slowpoke for the cake and helping with breakfast.


A great day!


Mint Thumbs%20Up


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Yup was good fun and the breaksfast was delicious as usual. Thanks to MichH for organising, her Hubby for playing Chef again (and doing an excellent job). Slowpoke for the Cake (and we finished it).


Thanks also to all that joined us.


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Yup that was a rather close call! You can all see that I was quite a distance from the race line, but Flash had some other ideas! I took the photo, lowered the camera, and looked up to see Flash close enough for me to see the whites of his eyes! I only reacted and moved once he was past!


In Flash's defense, he says bikes don't turn well in midair! Hehe!


Pics of the day to follow:
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The day dawned cloudy and overcast and miserable with a bit of rain. But a bit of rain never stopped anyone, and we had 12 riders arrive for a day of fun. Mintsauce got a bit lost on his first outing in Jhb, but we quickly set him straight and by 9am we hit the road.


We rode the same route as the 24 hour, here is IanJ's friend Dave coming off the new singletrack



Ah, the loooong uphill. Here is Chilli Pepper pulling ahead of me (I put it down to riding with one hand and taking photos with the other!)

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At the dropoff, I played photographer as a good excuse to avoid riding the dropoff myself! Here are some of our brave riders:


Dirt Rider



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Here is Minsauce riding a borrowed hardtail:


Mampara on his new bike!


The notoriously improving IanJ


And Sonic

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These are the photos of Flash flying. The first run, and then the seconf run where I nearly got taken out!



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Great photos . I see Mampara mentioned something about a little fall he had . Well I was behind him and he more than just a little fall . While flying down the sinle track he went of the trail got hos front wheel into a moewiese hole . Bike stayed behind while he did his superman impersonation . Very lucky not to get badly hurt .

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