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sl*gters Fontein - Ride Report wiff Pics!


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I have not written a ride report in ages and simply telling ppl about my Riding experience this weekend 50km out of Lainsburg on a Farm called sl*gters Fontain just don?t do it any justice so I?m attaching some pic?s we took while there.

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MW told me in a few choice words that I would basically die of boredom if I went; still Tania?s enthusiasm got the better of me.




I?ve never been to the Karoo, I?m told it?s in the Karoo, so the landscape was totally new for me, dry, rocky, thorn trees, blue sky?s, jeep and sheep-track, Pump and dams was what the landscape was made up of.



Being 50km away from the ?dorp? we felt silly getting dressed up in Cycling kit, it just felt wrong, as if we would be take something away from the natural beauty of the surroundings with our ?flash? cloths and shiny helmets.


So we grabbed out WartHogs Tops and Cups instead of cycling helmets, just felt like the write thing to do.



I think the Warthogs should Pay as for these Photo?s, I mean come on, we make the Tops look good, ey????:-P hahaha




So we are ready to ride! The plan is to ride 5km till we reach LoinsDam (it?s a windpump) then do a 2hour hike up a ?koppie? ? and then ride back.


Sjoe, I still think we look so hot, and the Bikes, it?s like they were made for the landscape!! Hu hu hu hu??? Just look at that background, stunning!!!




On the why there Tania went over a ?Koggelmandertjie?, we stopped immediately to see if he was ok, turned out he was just stunned a bit and after a few minutes he was off again.



Don?t know if you guys can make it out, but if you look down you can see the LandCruiser between me and Tania?s sister, a few inches above elbow height.




We would each get the biggest rock you could carry and throw it down, the person?s rock that went the furthest would be the winner, jaja, sounds boring but it was fun and the monkeys would go crazy when they herd the noise we were making.




So back down again and we were heading back home! Yeah haaaa!!!! Had a bite to eat, a chance of cloths and headed to another wind pump on the back of the Land Cruiser.



Had a bit of a swim in the dam with the frogs and heavens knows what else lives in it, eeeeeeeck!!! I just stood on the side, watching, ready to pull them out if something decided to attack from the deep green..





On the way back we would stop and collect wood, this was hard work but lots of fun, each trying to out do the other with a bigger piece of wood. Getting home we did a bit of target shooting, Tania Mother turned out to be quite lethal, I?ll have to watch my step?



After that I was deaf, still am?we took a little Nap, got up and parked around the fire, talk and boil some water so we could get clean. The braaied and watched the stars till we fell asleep.





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50km from town (read back up) and you ride without a helmet. Nice scenery, bikes and photos but dumb move with the head gear.

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Nah, don't think so Mampara, you know when I was a little boy, going out on your BMX or Bommer, wearing a t-shirt and shorts, no shoes, no helmet and no sun-screen, sjoe, I don't know how I made it...LOL

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looks like you had a jol !!! some stunning scenery too . We do have a beautiful country we just need to get out there and explore it !!!

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nice M,.... that is what i call a nice breakaway! Thanks for sharing!

i like your GF's top on the one pic  Wink

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thx guys, thought you might like it, and yess, there is so much tracks to ride in South Africa, I'm gonna make a point of it to find more. Oh, this damn pic did not want to post for some reason, let me try again... ok, screw it, it don't wanna post, what a pitty!


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Nah' date=' don't think so Mampara, you know when I was a little boy, going out on your BMX or Bommer, wearing a t-shirt and shorts, no shoes, no helmet and no sun-screen, sjoe, I don't know how I made it...LOL[/quote']


You impress me, 50km away from home on a BMX.


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If Jason wants to keep his title for the best race reports, he has to up his game considerably. Looks awesome Marius.

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Stunning stunning stunning Marius!Clap


But now you make me miss the KarooCry...some family members have a farm just outside Willowmore which is soooooooo beautiful.Unhappy Used to hate the place when we lived in town, but now i am convinced that the Karoo has to be one of the best places in the worldThumbs%20Up - it has a strange kind of beauty and mystery that always leaves me amazed.Tongue
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No problem Nellie, me and Tania felt the same way about the place, we are defnitly going back there. Big%20smile


We want to take a few Mtb'ing friends alone next time, do a lekker Mtb training camp up there, should be fun, so think about it if you wanna join in you are more than welcome.


Accomodation is basic, no elec or Hot water, the place has 5massive rooms and Tania tells me they have slept outside under the stars a few times. Will keep you guys updated!
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Sounds like fun! I've also been thinking about inviting a few people for company next time i head up there...


They have a bush camp about 2km from the main house...very basic, but that's exactly how it should be!
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