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mtb helmets


are visors necessary?  

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  1. 1. are visors necessary?

    • Snazzy accesory?
    • vital to your survival

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Guess this has been discussed to death before!


But from an old helmet advert :-


10$ head = 10$ helmet (by definition I guess no helmet = no head!) 
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errrr, dick, i dunno about whether helMUTS are necessary... i have 2 and they gave the burglars a guided tour of my house... helMETS on the other hand.... Evil%20Smile

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Oooooooops - sorry guys! Just read mtb helmets in the subject didn't check the actual poll, please accept my humble apologies.Ouch


I'll go back to my corner for a while and be back later when I'm properly awake! Feeling rather dumb now!Sleepy
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Dick did Helmut also earn an Iron Cross with oak leaves during operation Barbarossa in Russia!!!!????

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Sorry H, my English is OK, but HELMUT was done on purpose..................for effect and HELMET has so many bad connotations.


by not referring to the HELMET, we may even get responses form the non helmet wearers.


I still also recall a number of my girlfriends refiring to my Helmet/Helmut and it was not a cranium cap.



So there you have it!!!!!!!!
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