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Daily Artificial Vitamins - A hoax?

Rivonia Babe

Daily Artificial Vitamins - A hoax?  

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  1. 1. Daily Artificial Vitamins - A hoax?

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I think that the best way of ensuring your body the correct and natural minerals and vitamins is just to eat properly. 

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5 posts and already a Poll.

Any relation to Mazztazz ?


Perhaps she's on a fast track programme and a bit more advanced than other hubbers.


Serious side, i think if one eats healthy enough, you do not need additional supplements.
scotty2007-01-31 05:43:43
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at least it is a more intelligent poll than any of mazztazz's.


(i swear i'm going to offer to sneeze in order to give that one (mazztazz) a brain cell to keep the one that helps it sh!t&shave company...)
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Personally - if I don't take iron supplements when I'm in heavy training then the doc wants to jump up and down because I get anaemic.  And I eat properly - so for me, supplements are necessary but I do think that for some people it's just a diet thing.

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It all depends on whether you're looking at optimum health or just enough nutrition to avoid deficiencies.

Some facts:

Recommended Daily Allowances only keep you from deficiency diseases such as Scurvy

Our farming methods and antibiotics in meats, etc have depleted the nutrition in our food down to +- 20%


With our busy schedules, who has actually tested that the food they eat has all the right nutrients, etc? I mean actually write a food diary, count kilojoules, RDA's etc? I know I definitely don't and I can't think of anyone that does!


BUT, artificial vitamins only have the major components of a vitamin, and can be even worse for you than not taking them.


I take a range of vitamins called Nutrilite. They have been around for 72 years, own their own organic farms, no pesticides etc. They do double blind, randomised with placebo clinical tests on all concentrates that form part of their supplements, and all concentrates must have been tested for 20 years before inclusion into existing formulations.


My feeling about them? Well, I cycled at least twice during the week at 5am last winter (until the weather report said it was going to be below 5 degrees). I'd come home so cold that a 15 minute shower didn't warm me up properly. Yet I didn't get sick once. In fact, the only time I've been sick was recently when I had a stomach bug, no colds, nothing. And that's in a high stress environment where I'm working til up to 11pm most nights, and getting up at 4:15 to cycle at least 2-3 times a week.


Proof enough for me. Oh, and all their products come with a full 90 day money back guarantee.
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a 15 minute shower didn't warm me up properly


i thought your hubby served as the preferred "thaw-mich-out" method! now you say you FIRST used the shower???? he slacked off on his husbandly duties!

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What Iron Supplements do you take?


DTswiss spoke nipples. LOL




If they'll work better than what I normally use then I'm willing to give them a try Tongue
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