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Saturday 24th Feb 2007 Pretoria East MTB Ride


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hi folks


anyone interested, we plan to do a nice MTB training ride from out near Pretoria East on Saturday, basically heading out towards Welbekend, then back and around some farm land in the east....should be around 65 - 75km....not technical at all, just some endurance


start around 730am, meeting at the Woodlands mall on Garsfontein Side....


Any Takers??




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It's gonna get ugly I think, ok lets just set some rules :-


1) no 'fowl' play!

2) stay behind me at all times

3) If I fall at any point it's a good excuse to finish behind you (at the rate I'm going there's a good chance of that!)

4) Should point 3 happen then I shall claim Byron's result as my own!
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Miss V, we can start earlier, the 730 was merely a starting point, my puppies wake me up at around 4.40am everyday so if you want we can meet at 6am at the mall? hehehehe


if anyone wants to try out this area they can join, the ride will be based on a loop of about 28-30km with us doing 2 loops instead of riding out towards Welbekend.....this is so that if there are any new riders, they can opt to miss the 2nd loop.....but there are loads of places to stop along the way if you get tired, but it is just a nice ride....




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okay, so after some discussion with Miss V we have decided that the ride should start at 6:00am from the Woodlands Mall....that means i need to ride there....from my house....20minutes.....




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If you start real early you can cycle there . Just be carefull the bit past Kyalami has really been eroded away and you need lotsa speed to clear some of them .

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Sorry, already have plans which involve a longer ride and this time its from home which means I can stumble out of bed onto the bike and not get up at some crazy hour in the middle of the night. Big%20smile

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6h00 is just better... so we meet @ 6 @woodlands mall?!

who else is coming?


Yeah 6am at Woodlands mall on the Garsfontein road side, in the parking lot.....hope they have the gates open then....if not you'll see me riding around outside on the pavement looking lonely and cold probably.....Sleepy


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Thats the map, might not be clear....pm me with your mail addy and i will send you the bigger version


Basically take Rigel Avenue from centurion side...

Turn right over the bridge and drive towards hans Strydom road

turn left into hans strydom (M10) roaddrive long until you get to the Garsfontein road, turn right into that road (M30) and drive up past the hospital which is on your right and then you will see Woodlands mall at the very next robot.


Got it?


Is it only gonna be a few of us?Cry


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