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Q-Rings for M960 XTR


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Like Worster Wheelers, I obtained a set of Q0rings for my XTR chainset.

These have unusual BCD of 64mm (actually this one is std), 102mm and 144mm so there are not too many replacement options when the originals wear out.


Iwas in the market and looked at Middleburn from CRC, Blackspire from Jenson but these have not receivd great reviews. Then I remember I spoke to Ivan about the XTR versions...


So I mailed him and he informed me that Epic Bike shop and Willie are western cape stockists. Now Manic as well...


Lance fitted the rings in like 10minutes. All he asked was: "whats your average rpm?"


The rings were fitted to the crank usin the #3 holes on the rings and off to Lighthouse to Light house.


I'm not going to relate the whole shebang but suffice to say that I could feel the rings promoted a more even power delivery and this was also evident in that I rode my Cannondale Rush rear RP3 in the Propedal of mode and very very very little bob was evident. So it was not influencing the suspension in any way.

Also the rear of the bike went a little more linear, softer and I've since realised tha because the power delivery is more even it has the side of effect of reducing the pedal induced bounce so the propdeal circuit works less.

My heart rate seemed lower so I could push harder.


These rings work as advertised and at R1950-00 for the XTR, they are a worthwile replacement compared to the OEM rings At R1700-00 and they look like they will last longer.

The shotpeened surface is very hardwearing.


The shifting is not as crisp as XTR rings but for an endurance event this is not an issue.


Will definately buy them again.


5 flaming chillies
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Also available for standard mtb cranksets, at R1,700 a set, or as promised, 10% discount to all hubbers till end of Feb from ManiC Cycles.


So that's R1,530 for a set.
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Sounds like something Marius is going to buy - put a set aside for him - I am sure he will place an order soon...

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well well, I have the XT Crank thingy, so can I put those q-rings om a XT Crankset aswell or just a XTR one?? I think the Q-Rings makes more sence for your Mtb since reading those Mtb'er reviews, it' makes a lot of sence even if it don't give you More Power but rather more evenly spread power, sounds like a winner....

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oh shut up Velouria...I'm actually just looking in my Savings account..lucky I pay on the 25th so might not have to take money out hiehiehie. But if I was going to buy the Q-Rings I would expect it to be fitted for me as well to the right setting as per GoLefties Post.


What is you AV Cadance Lefty?
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Q rings come in road shimano 53/40, 52/40, campag 53/41, MTB std XT etc 44/34/24 XTR 45/34/24 Compact FSA 50/36, Cyclocross, Time Trial Shimano 54/42, Donwhill 38t


and now launching Agilis crankset and SABB self aligning bottom bracket.
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The shifting shouldn't be any problem anymore only sometimes with Wipperman chain. It just takes a bit more care in the mechanics tuning of the final settings.


They are lighter and we have had our first set out in 2005 befor Telkom Classic with Cashandra Slingerland and she is still riding the same rings.


There were also a few sets in last years Epic and those guys are still riding the same set.


So thanks to all of you that are Rotorised with Q rings
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John Edwards, winner in his age cat at PnP Fast one and 2nd Ride for Sight , trains with Q rings and swears by them.  

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