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Ultimate carbon?
Mavic released a brand new wheel to the public under the Cosmic banner. The new set is called Cosmic Carbone Ultimate and Mavic has positioned the wheel as its top-of-the-line all-round race wheel.



"It's designed to be the lightest aero wheel that we have for hardcore racing," said Sean Sullivan, Mavic's marketing director. "This is a totally new approach to wheels for us, it has carbon spokes, carbon rim and carbon hub. We've been working for a little over two years on this project with our racers and the technology is dialed in and we've got the production capabilities so why not throw the switch right now? We wanted to get it out there as soon as possible, especially for our racers."

The wheel only comes in a tubular configuration and weighs 1185 grams. Its rim height is 40mm and it's molded from 12K carbon fiber. The most interesting aspect is that the wheel does not use a mechanical spoke attachment system. The spokes, also made from carbon fiber, are molded to the rim and the hub. The spokes on the front wheel actually continue from one side of the rim through the high flange hub to the opposite side of the rim.

Mavic claims that the materials and construction method combine to form a wheel that is very stiff. The front wheel can not be trued, but the rear can be by means of a unique hub-mounted nipple system. Because the rim and spokes are molded together they are impervious to water, giving the wheelset added advantage in poor conditions or in cyclo-cross. The wheelset will be available in June to the tune of $2750.

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Interesting idea about the spokes, but these are certainly for the rich and famous, who don't have to worry about truing wheels, just get a new one.

They cost more than my bike cost meCry


Must admit, they look pretty cool though...



Wonder Woman2007-02-22 01:44:58
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Ultimate carbon?



So we gonna see you posting in the notice board, selling lotsa sets of Bontragers soon?


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