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Saddle rash


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..what to use/ do for it?




P.S : I know I will probly be flamed for not using the search function, but I don't think it will hurt as much as my ass does. help please.

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You say it is a rash, but is it really a rash.


Saddle-related ailments come in many forms. There is plain old chafing. These are abrasive lesions from two surfaces rubbing together and either the saddle or the shorts could be the culprit. I do believe that chamois cream, udder cream or just vaseline can help here. This is common when riding in extreme wet and sand ingresses into your shorts. Male riders who pee over the top of their shorts often get sand that falls into the openen waist elastic, in their chamois. A better strategy would be to go through one of the shorts legs instead.



Then you get bacterial infections. Usually these present as infected hair follicles. They are difficult to diagnose since the hair is long gone - abraded away from riding and just the stump remains. I suspect the stump even pulls back and sometimes grows inside the skin. Chamois cream won't help for these.  Hygiene and off the saddle will solve this problem. You may have to operate with a mirror, a needle and privacy. Mild disinfectants like Tea Tree oil applied before riding is supposed to help for this type of infection.


The worse of the lot is ischemic boils. These are dead tissue a couple of millimeters under the skin, just there where the two sitbones (ischial tuberosities, if you want) connect with the saddle. It is caused by a lack of oxygen to the pressure zones and dying tissue. Cyclists called these double testicles (or other variants I'm sure you can imagine) and they are hard nodules that can be felt. Very painful. Chamois cream can clearly not help for this either. They should be lanced and rested for a few days. Even just lancing them brings tremendous relief and you may even be able to ride the next day again, if things like tours force you to.


Saddle sores come in different flavours.


Malwian proverb: Two buttocks cannot avoid friction.



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JB, you left off the most basic cause of this. You know why babies most often get nappy rash? Left over faecal matter in the nappy... I bet plenty of growed ups don't always wipe as well as they should...

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Thank you Johan for the comprehensive diagnosis, and suggested solutions. We can always rely on you to be the consummate professional, whether the problem is a ruined ass or a sticky rear deraileur.











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Get a carbon fiber saddle.


The kind with no padding.


Never had rash or shaff since I have had it.


Even after 9 hours of riding (in one sitting)




Just one downside. Super long rides leave you very tender and somewhat bruised.


But it is so worth it! smiley2.gif




Also, never wear the same clothes twice without washing them. The amount of germs left in your sweaty shorts plays havoc with your body on your next ride and if your skin is a bit worn you are just asking for an infection.


Some people recon that you should sun dry your clothes after washing as the sun kills most of the germs.




Woofie2009-05-13 05:15:48

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I never thought that getting your butt chaffed is even possible. So for that reason I was very curious to why my wife was laughing at my behind when I got into the shower after the Ironman this year, only then I realized what my mate meant when he said "smeer jou ass goed met chamois cream"




The water I poured over myself in the 35 degree heat also did not help.





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