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    Hi guys As a nation and a people and as the BH community, we have just gone through the most hair raising, cataclysmic week in our country. Lives, livelihoods, business and critical infrastructure have been destroyed. Food , medicine and fuel security are threatened. Its been a scary and anxious time. but it did not happen on BH I see (threads probably deleted or did not get off the starting blocks). Its like living in an alternative world where only the latest broken freehub has relevance to our existential reality. or maybe the LBS, horror of horrors, didnt true my front wheel, so my broken wheel falls within the domain of permissible content. Woohoo, i have agency on the hub cos i have a wheel that tries to turn under the constraints of its excruciating warped deficiencies. So BH has become tone deaf and intolerant to the happenings in the world, silencing the exchange of ideas, fears, anxieties and messages of hope in a pandemic, the dangers of which have been horrifically augmented by a plot to unseat our democracy. If your business was looted or burned down, you could not come here seeking comfort. If you lost your job, you have no voice here. If your’e stuck in your holiday flat in Ballito without food, nobody here wants to know it unless you also have no more bike oil. And if you dont, you better tell us what brand you dont have and why its the bestest superest bike oil eva! Its draconian, pathetic and downright ******* stupid.But, I guess it is what it is. anyways, our good friend, @Stretch has started a lovely chat for hubbers and ex hubbers to have safe and open NCR (and CR) chat with hub “mates”, and its been good to just talk freely about the unrest, some fun stuff, politics, sport, the virus, the tour. And all. Its just an outlet for us oldies to carry on the conversations we enjoyed when the tap got switched off here. There are no real rules, except I guess, be lekker. And don't be a ****. (We have nod any yet.) If this interests you at all, come join us on discord chat here : https://discord.gg/DuRPajpR When registering use your hub name so we all know whose who in the zoo. And yes, you can still come back here to agonise about that clicking BB that’s been driving you and your mates to suicidal thoughts.
  2. I am there. Come break the internet.
  3. Maybe we go full tilt laaitie and join tiktok? 😂😂😂😂
  4. I understand your position. Thank you for taking the time to reply.
  5. Dear @Matt and @Nick As a compromise on the NCR thread shedding, I would like to request and suggest that you bring back just the coronavirus thread. It was a place where we could connect with one another in deeply troubled times, and share experiences and knowledge of the pandemic. As such, It was also a source of great comfort, and it served the community well, at a time where we and our families are under existential threat. People like @River Rat and @DJR (to name but 2) shared expert and invaluable knowledge. Yes, there was a bit of bitchery too, but nothing too serious. please would you consider reinstating the thread. 🙏 Thank you for receiving and reading this in the good spirit in which it is posted. all those who agree, please would you hit the like button. Edit: i should also mention @Dale , who generously gave of his professional skills and compassion to give us hope, strength and comfort.
  6. Just be grateful they have not taken your ftp down.
  7. I have temporarily re-activated my dstv just for the tour and for Wimbledon. With all the works stress, and the covid surge doom and gloom, i really need a pick me up, and I cant wait. I hope to watch as much of it as I can on the trainer.
  8. Religion, yes. I agree there. but, Politics was no more polarising than the days of 26er v 29er. Nobody wanted to lose the trump or global politics thread. And though pretty feisty at times, I think all protagonists on both sides in those threads learnt a lot from the other. And I don’t believe those threads gave birth to any sworn enemies. So, imho the discussion served the community well; shutting them is unfortunate.
  9. What a ball ache. i was always a tapatalk baby. I’m finding this site so much more of clunky.
  10. Agreed. But, not all ANT + dongles are equal. I think the most reliable one is the Garmin.
  11. I think its by design, to actively discourage OT chat by shoving it in the background. So to speak.
  12. Any update on the tapatalk reactivation?
  13. Thanks Bennie! We got bike apartheid in this house. Mountain bikes in the garage, road bikes molly coddled inside.[emoji3]
  14. So seeing as the OP’s issue is resolved, I was wondering if I could hijack the thread for a sec with a question. My mountain bike sleeps vertically on a wall hook. When i take it down the brake levers are all mush, and go right down to the handlbar. Takes a few pumps and then all is good, no issues at all. Except the other day just after porting up a very steep little hill, I had the same. No brakes, pump pump, and all good again. Does this mean that my brakes need to be bled?
  15. Good choice. Only comment. I hope your’e doing the lay bye with a large reputable bike shop with financial muscle, like a cycle lab.
  16. Yes, your understanding is correct. But, what goes down in a shop is regulated by the CPA (check out section 23), which does not apply to a private seller. Anyway, Old Man 1 v Hub 0 [emoji3] @op, the ad you responded was not an offer open for an acceptance. It was just an invitation to make an offer, so your notion of a “legally binding” contract is something of a misperception I think.
  17. You got this! When do you have time to ride?
  18. Get the Kikr climb. That should make things interesting!
  19. No, this is sif, particularly as far as the bibs are concerned. Even If i just ride around the block, everything gets put into the machine immediately.
  20. Mr Speaker. Please would you take another look at the people actually in Parliament and re-evaluate your position on this. I feel we would do a better job. In fact, I nominate ICM as Minister for Ice Cream. I would like to tender to supply. Its just that I don’t want those poor Cuban engineers to go home without a decent supply King Cone. Kit Kat flavour. (I will get finance at 75% from Ajay). This latter disclosure keeps this post on topic, I guess.
  21. Look, I ain’t gonna dig too deep,just to win an esoteric argument on the internet. But to answer your question, I actually have never bought a used bike, but I have a Trek 3700 entry level hardtail, (which is heavy as lead) and a cheap Fuji Royale Forza hybrid, both of which I bought and enjoyed for about a year or 2, when I first got into cycling, when my resting hr was about 300. I did my first 94.7 on the Fuji, and it was the funnest and hardest and most fulfilling race of all the ones i have done since. You cant put a price on that. I still have both these bikes, which hang dutifully in my garage, happily collecting the finest Gauteng dust one could wish for. It gives me oodles of joy every time i gaze upon them and cogitate over all the finance charges I never paid on them.
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