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Lance's bike or ?????


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Kaizer Chiefs' local soccer ride......




You'll either love it or hate it!!! Hope you guys can see it, what a battle to upload the image!!!!








http://www.cyclingnews/photos/2009/tech/probikes/indexid=/photos/2009/tech/probikes/lance_armstrong_trek_madone_giro09/Armstrong_Madone_GdT_full_view_2 smiley5.gif smiley5.gif smiley5.gif smiley5.gif 20090513_061716_Kaizer.JPGGerhardc2009-05-13 06:17:27

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Not well at all.

Probably made it that ugly so no one would wanna steal it................


Looks like something that would fit in well in India.


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ok I'll stick my head out and say:"It's cool" <?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Very nice bike, but I will only take it on Sunday cruises for something completely different and the nice art work


Definitely not to be used as a thoroughbred race machine

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must admit would not be first in line for that bike/colors. But its "unique" - Wacko

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