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Barloworld in TDF


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South African-sponsored professional cycling outfit, Team Barloworld, today

received and accepted their wildcard invitation to ride the most prestigious

cycle race in the world, the Tour de France, in July 2007.

Entry into the Tour de France

is extended by invitation only to the best of the world?s professional cycling

teams.  Team Barloworld have had a phenomenal start to the 2007 cycling season,

and are leading the 66-team UCI Professional Continental rankings. 


?Team Barloworld?s success in

being invited to compete in the Tour de France is thanks to both a great team

effort as well as representation from Claudio Corti, the highly respected

Italian Team Manager,? said Chris Fisher, Head of Corporate Marketing,



?When Barloworld first began

sponsoring the team five years ago, their stated aim was to have a South-African

sponsored team in the Tour de France.  We will finally achieve this objective. 

Corti has worked tirelessly for over a year to get us into this race,? continued



?The team?s success has been

due to their exact application of the Barloworld brand personality and values,

namely being professional, competitive, passionate, honest, diverse and doing

everything we do with the greatest degree of integrity.?


Claudio Corti, the Team

Manager of Team Barloworld says: ?The UCI have recognized these qualities and

now granted us just reward for years of hard work.?


?Barloworld and Team

Barloworld?s brand philosophy is the same ? a combination of teamwork and

individual excellence.  This is what has been the core of the team?s success

right from the beginning. We contract with riders that put the team first,? said



Team Barloworld?s next

challenge is going to be the selection of the riders within the team to compete

in the Tour de France.  Form riders thus far this season are Robert Hunter

(Rsa), Alexander Efimkin (Rus), Felix Cardenas (Col), Geraint Thomas (Gbr) and

John-Lee Augustyn (Rsa). Nine riders will be selected purely on



?Our Tour de France objective

now shifts to achieving a podium finish in a stage of the Tour de France,? said



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There are a few Ausies in the tour, but to have SA riders and an SA team compete, excellent!!!ClapThumbs%20Up
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I do not hope the passports is going to be held back Confused


I obviously have missed something! Please enlighten me!!
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Not to be pessimistic or anything. What is the Governments stance on this? Is there a possibility that they will impose a "quota" system as Barloworld is a South African team although they are not effectively representing South Africa as a country but Barloworld as a business.


Just wonder if they have any influence with regards to selections?
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brittish team sa sponser...government got nothing to say...


Sorry for my ignorance but how do you get to Barloworld being a British Team? The only way this could happen is if Barloworld is a British company which it probably is but if the Funding is coming from Barloworld South Africa surely this makes it a South African team?
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Guest Big H

Bakgat mooi so manne en Muxie moenie so moungat wees nie!!!!!!!!

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Moun nie wil net weet of ons Regering gaan alles op donder soos altyd.


En welgedaan an Barloworld ek is baie bly om te sien ons Suid Afrikaaners gaan in die TDF vees.
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