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What?s wrong?? The last couple of weeks I?ve been on a hectic training schedule with more than enough recovery in between, but since last week I felt up and down, one day strong enough to sit for hours then the next day there is nothing in my legs?.heart rate is pretty normal?<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

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For my standards - definately get enough rest. But if it's over training would my heart rate not be higher than normal

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Opla - sounds like the culmitive effect of your "hectic training schedule"


Sometimes doing more than you are used takes a few weeks to add up and then you dont recover as quick as you think.


Uhm overtraining unlikely - more like "overreaching*" Wink


*pat Pending BikeMax.

SwissVan2007-05-31 05:48:17
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I had this a few weeks ago - I had an underlying infection, probably viral.  Stuffed up my recovery so I could do one good session, and the next day I struggled, the following day I was okay again!

Finally erupted in full-blown fever two weeks ago, then I came right.
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SV - very funny...LOL


VP- as the others have said, overtraining is not very likely but sometimes what happens is that the current training load is a little too much for the current level of fitness (the more you train, the more you CAN train..) and so as you build some cumulative fatigue, it can affect how you feel on the bike.


If it is not affecting performance too much then keep going and listen to your body - on the days you feel terrible then try and get an idea of whether you are actually performing poorly (riding slower) and if so then maybe take the day off or go very easy and then try again the next day.


In order to build fitness you have to ride when tired sometimes.


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