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TT Clip-on bars - Advice Needed

Dr. Seuss

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can anyone give me some advice on what clip-on TT bars to get?


don't want to spend the money on the "real" TT bars and also don't want to spend a lot on something I will most probably only use 4 times in the year.


- my thinking is that if I do a TT with my cervelo soloist,  seatpost turned around and some clip-on TT bars,  the likes of 101% will only put 19.5 minutes into me instead of 20.









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I know that if you have carbon h/bars, you can't clamp anything on to it.  Printed on my bars is "do not clamp"  Would hate for you to be doing 50km/h chasing 101% and your bars to break in that position.

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Seuss, hows about a broomstick cut in half with some sello tape? Very cheap... I dunno dude, do you have the ZIPP catalog? There are clip on one's that look pretty neat and I doubt the price will be that hefty... will look kewl on the Soloist.

The broomstick idea may just ad a few seconds on... 19.7 I'm guessing Big%20smile but not much...

The link:

Just googled the price, just over R1k, how much you looking to spend?
Jason2007-06-05 06:26:14
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A cheap option is to go to DIONS and buy a cheapo there.  I know it sounds strange but it is STRANGER THAN FICTION




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