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a little bit of style i was given today...


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That be Dan's team ..... not??????




spot-on' date=' biggie smiley2.gif




where did u get it from?




there's this guy i had brekkie with yesterday before he went off to europe, said something about looking forward to the season... smiley4.gif




Looks like a knock off. Tongue




jealousy gives you spotssmiley17.gif




But its Pink !!!




Im sure its magenta ;)




Nice one Holy' date=' Style man will be jealous




haha, it's pink, for sure. i actually had a choice between white and pink. i chose well. smiley16.gif just remember i am the power behind style man's throne...he knows it smiley2.gif holy roller2010-01-27 13:46:00

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Damn.. I must say though all the girls call me such a stylemasterWink, If I had no mountainbike and had to be a roady thoroughbread, I would have had this bike.. Ive posted it before. and worn Rapha condoor stuff

Bos2010-01-29 04:48:50
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