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Epic Rookie

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Hey everybody,

So, as the name says, i'm a rookie, a really big one, an EPIC rookie!

Originally from Durbs, now in CT and wow people are active down here.

Started Trail running in December, never ran before that and I can't stand Road Running.

Now, i'm super keen to continue down the dirty path and get into MTB. At least with Trail running I knew how to run, not that difficult. However, with MTB comes a whole new world of what, where and how?

So, I want to know all there is to know about MTB.

Bikes, what to look for and what to stay away from? Looking at saving up for a better bike that will last a while as opposed to buying a cheapy now and regretting it later.

"How to" is also a problem, I know how to ride a bike but that was as a kid growing up and putting Cards in the spokes to make them sound cool. Any ideas on books or sites with valuable info about hill climbs and descents? Changing gears and which brakes to use at the right time?

That's just the start, hopefully with all your help, i'll become a fully fledged MTB Junkie. Smile

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hello and welcome


when i started i had the same questions, so I joined the hu\b and just sat back and read all the threads over a few days, i was sortedWink
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You have picked the best sport EVER!


Firstly I would suggest going to your local bike store. Chat to them and they will point you in the right direction. When you have your bike, you should join a club. You will get great tips from all the other in the club (and on the hub).
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I go to bed and wake up thinking about it, can't wait!

I've been to Bowmans and Revolution in town because I work close to them. I've also been to City Cycle (I think that's what it was called) in Canal Walk. I've gathered a bit of info but still not sure about some aspects. I've looked at FELT, MONGOOSE and SILVERBACK as well as GIANT and TREK. Do I try saving more (I've got approx R6000 at the mo) or do I settle for something now?

All these questions, feel like a kid again!

Full Suspension or Hardtail? Hydraulic or mechanical Discs?

I want to eventually do something like the Sani2C, Joburg2C or maybe the Big Daddy of them all, The Epic!

So much excitement, already looking at Riders as they fly past me when i'm running on Trails, sussing out what they ride.

Grondpad, you mentioned Clubs, are there any MTB Clubs in the CT City Bowl area?

Thanks already for the feedback, can't wait to become a part of the MTB Community!
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Look around on the hub for a bit for a bike, you can pick up great deals on good bikes for a bit more than your budget like this.




Search through the classifieds and you might come up lucky.


The best way to learn how to ride is to get a bike( rather get a decent one upfront as you will want to get a better bike within a couple months of riding) and ride, find a few guys and ride with them.


You will pick up everything very quick.

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I really don?t know about clubs in CT ( I am in GP), but I am sure that your L.B.S. will be able to assist.

Regarding the bike. I don?t think you will get a dual suspension for your budget, but a hardtail is an excellent way to start out. Just remember that the most import thing to look for is fit. Once again your L.B.S. will get the best fit for you.

In my opinion Silverback offers great value for money (I ride one myself) but for your budget you will be able to get an excellent Secondhand bike. I know its awesome to get a new bike, but most of the secondhand bikes here on the hub are still in an almost new condition.

Just some pointers:
The frame is the most important (you can upgrade around it) so make sure it fits you
Doesn?t matter what people tell you, shimano and sram are both great!
The fork is another very import part of the bike, so get the best you can afford.
The most of all RIDE RIDE RIDE. The more time in the saddle, the better M.T.B.?ing gets!

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Maybe try do some kind of skill clinic and loook out for Brian Lopes's new book Mountain bike skills, I have the 1st edition and it's really helpful. 

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Maybe try do some kind of skill clinic and loook out for Brian Lopes's new book Mountain bike skills' date=' I have the 1st edition and it's really helpful.  [/quote']


There's a new one!?


1st edition is awesome. If there's any book that will teach you the theory behind the skills, that's it.


Mastering Mountain Bike Skills - Brian Lopes & Lee McCormack


I'd stay with hardtail for the moment - you'll learn alot more about the proper lines and technique, purely because they are less forgiving than dual sussers on the same terrain. That, and at the price point that you're searching in, you'd get a lot more bike for the price, and consequently, a higher component spec as well.


Definitely look for something with Hydraulic discs, as they are worth every penny. In your budget, I'd suggest spending possibly 1 to 2k more than you currently have, which will get you a much better bike - that's if you're buying new.


But - if you're not fussed about 2nd hand (and believe me, you shouldn't be) then I would SERIOUSLY recommend going that route. You get more bike for your money.


In terms of new bikes - Silverback do a very good entry level offering, as do Merida. Also have a look at Raleigh *shudder* and Felt. Mongoose and GT also have some good offerings in that price range.


But, no matter what you get - WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE!!!






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Yeah cptmayhem he said on twitter the 2nd ed is almost out, endorsed by none other than I think Ned Overend and George Hincapi(or some famous bikers)


Rookie just remember to keep some money for shoes, helmet etc, as all these little extras can end up costing allot after you splurged on the bike. 


And definitely have the shop do a tubeless conversion (about R600) youll have no flats and you can run lower pressure so more comfy on the HT.


Oh and have the shop setup the bike properly from the start as well as getting the right size bike(get yourself measured)
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Theres' also MTN Cyclists' Guide 2010 (that I picked up at Exlcusives) that has a good listing of events around the country

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I've been watching The Epic and Sani2C on TV, there's also the Joburg2C coming up soon. What's the best race or what are the benefits of each of them?

Got to have a goal to aim for and would like to complete one of them one day.

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