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Cycle tour in the ECape "Yes/No"


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Hi there.

i would just like to know how you guys feel about bring a cycle tour to the eastern cape .

some thing like the old tour de eden or the old report tour.






fun riders and pro's?


ladies or just men?


road and mountain bike tour?


just trying to find out what us cyclist are looking for.



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 I would love to have  a 3 day tour for so-called funriders.It can include the pro's of course but as I'm no pro,a nice easy tour would be great.I know my wife would also love to join in.

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Good idea................it would be nice to include us fun riders, but it would be a nightmare planning wise. It might be a good idea to only allow fun riders who have achieved a certain time in a big race like the Herald or Argus. i.e. they must earn the right to compete, even if they ride as a separate group to the pros. The last thing you need, as an organizer, is to wait hours and hours for the stragglers to come in<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


It would also depend on what you are planning. If you are trying to resurrect the Tour De Eden or create a big tour that SA so desperately needs, then it would have to be purely for pros.  


Just one request, I don't know what EC city you are planning to hold this event, but PLEASE do not call it the Tour de la Buffalo City or the Giro de Nelson Mandela Metropole. It just does not sound right.


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PLEASE do not call it the Tour de la Buffalo City or the Giro de Nelson Mandela Metropole. It just does not sound right.<




why do we (them actually) always name things in euro way. Giro del Capo, where's is this race taking place in Italy? Toud de Eden, it's nowhere near France. Look at other countries with Tour Down Under, Tour of California. Plain ans simple. Stop being fancy.

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So what do you suggest? De Eden Baiesukkel Toer?



A four day tour would be great. For both pros and non-pros. It could be like a normal race but four of them consecutively. There needs to be more multi-stage road events for non-pros like there are for mtb'ing. You will need the pro's involved to attract sponsorship and money for the event.
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hi there.

many thanks for all your input,

what would you guys recommend


i was thinking :

1.prolog -+20km- to put the leader up there

2. stage race 135km

3.stage race 150km

4.stage race 140km


please note if the distance are to much we can always do a half a tour for the funriders, i just think we need the long rides.


camping or hotles and B+B?



i was thinking for a 100km 3:30 to 4hours, if you havent maked the 100km in time you have to stop?


thanks again your info will be used.




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 If we are to do 150km's per day and expected to have cut off times of around 3hr 30mins for 100km's,this won't be for funriders !

 The pro's and sub 3 1/2 hour Argus riders can do those distances, whilst the funriders do a lesser distance and with an easier cut off time.

 Depending on numbers,camping and/or B&B's would be best for the overnight stops.

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The Tour de Eden was a great event..not for the faint hearted though...so I agree with LegTrap in that proposed distance and cut off times NOT for funriders at all.




If you look at how the Cape Epic MTB was structured - they catered for pro's as well as recreational riders.


so something along those lines...just shorter number of days - and cut off times in line with the funrider.


I do believe that stage races should have a qualifying criteria....the aim is to at least have the guys/dolls finish the race. Not like the Epic where 25% of the starters didn't get past Stage 3. The back markers where fighting for survival!!

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