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if you had 10 grand to play with?

mark ellis

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thanks to the loverly tax man...i have 10 grand to spend.


currently riding a ninty six 3000


if you had the cash, what would you upgrade on this bike? or what would you buy to contribute to a mtb addiction?
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Wow, R10K. So many things come to mind from sensible to silly...


You could get some tools and spares (tyres, chains, cassettes, cables and chainrings) and enter a big race or two out of town and make a short holiday out of it.

You could put your bike on a diet and get some silly light wheels or replace your groupset and or bar/stem/seatpost and saddle.

You could get a new pair of shoes and helmet and Camelbak and/or Garmin/Polar.

You could invest in a coach/trainer and a program with a proper bike set-up to work on during winter.
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I will go with Tazman (the sane option), but ... who wants to be sane?  go with your gut feeling.
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Nice bike.....10k wont get you too far in biking world...keep it for a rainy day.....I d go for a holiday at forest ferns! Thanks taxman were s my cash



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Rough decisions like this should not exist. Lighten your load and give it to a good friend and let him worry.


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More serious:



Edge 705

Compression garments

Light weight wheelset

Double crankset (2x9)

Upgrade to SRAM X.9

Parktool toolset


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maybe this was not a good idea!


more confusion than ever now!


have been thinking about the XX option, will this be the best approach:


rear mech, cranks and cassette to start - will 10 k be enough?
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