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  1. Oh no! Gutted. I really enjoyed purchasing from them. Obviously not enough though! They had the best service from any of the online stores around.
  2. I have the xtr di2 and have only charged it from a wall socket. I have charged from adapter plug and from a wall unit with usb port. Could have been that both had low enough output to not give issues. Could also be that your version is perhaps newer and has this built in as a safety feature? Sorry, this is zero usable information, other than my assumption that it's supposed to work because it works on mine.
  3. My dad has had one for more than 10 years now, longer even. It's been our de facto carrier all this time. Issues we've had with it: * If the bike closest to car is put on so the front wheel is near the exhaust, you are going to have a melted tire. Switching around is fine usually, but just check. * This might be an age issue (like I said, thing is OLD), and isolated to the type of car dad has (oldish merc a class), but when I got my new bike (long wheelbase, 29er enduro bike), and it was the only bike on the rack the front wheel was sticking out on one side a bit, and the drag this created on highway caused the rack to swing out. Wasn't unsafe, but super nervous. * Depending on what bikes you have, it's a bit of a faff to get them on nicely, especially the dual suspensions with their angles and different sizes. They all go on, but it's a hassle sometimes. Definitely get: * a pool noodle if you have more than one bike on. * A bungee strap to keep all the moving bits not moving (pedals move, can scratch car) * A good lock to keep bikes on the car if you are going to stop somewhere. We usually park super close to a wall or tree. On the whole: Never had any major issues. I have the saris bones one, and I never use it. I've never been able to trust the straps and how it sits. Not saying it's bad, it's probably great, but I can't feel comfortable with it.
  4. I'm looking to confirm this, but I just saw a post on their instagram saying they do fitment in jhb and pta now. Their site is down though, so can't get specifics. Their products do look awesome, have been looking at it for a while, but back then they didn't offer fitment up here.
  5. Finally worked up the courage to enter a local enduro race over the weekend. Learned things: Firstly, this was my first time riding the bike in anger, and it was awesome. The bike is such a beast at speed. Very few obstacles slow it down. It was a super wet, muddy day, and the wreckoning is not great at it. It collects literally all of the mud, and after 2 lines I had clogged up everywhere around the suspension and crank. Not lekker when you spray it out and see all the little stones that's collected in between all the expensive carbon. This has nothing to do with the bike, but I had to replace my tires before the race (maxxis dhf2 up front / aggressor rear). Bike has Derby carbon rims, and it was SUCH a lol to put them on. I literally washed out the rims, seated the tires, and pumped them up with a floor pump. I only added in the sealant a few days afterwards, and they were still pumped hard. I only mention this because I have literally never had a good experience getting new tubeless tires up and running...
  6. I'm running derby wheels on Industry9 hubs. Loving them. https://trailtechcycles.co.za/products/derby-carbon-am-40mm-35mm-id-wide-rims-27-5-29?variant=31696216705 currently the 29 are out of stock though
  7. So gutted for Myriam, but holy wow Marina rode like a demon. Can't hold anything against her. Wtf rain now. Really wishing for another Greg show. Weird day compared to Friday.
  8. I'd love to hear other people's opinions too on this. I've been looking at the cb stamp too, but can't figure out what the differences are between all the stamp numbers. There was also a lekker looking race face pedal, but it's not available anymore
  9. Do you guys know on which channel they will have the men’s dh today? And what time?
  10. Been riding CB for the longest time. I love them. New bike I got came with Shimano XT pedals, and I've been having a really tough time finding stock of mallets, so figured I'd give them a shot. They aren't horrible, probably good even, but I just don't like the feel of them. Busy looking to go back to CB. I get that it's probably just a personal preference. In terms of reliability. I've had eggbeaters (not great, too small), candies and my last set was mallets which were awesome. Never had to rebuild any of them.
  11. It's awesome. I need to have it tuned still for my weight and stuff, and I reckon it can get somewhat better, but as it stands it's awesome. First time riding a coil shock, and the plushness of it is amazing. Between the suspension setup and the shock, I get a definite moving forward feeling when I pedal on flats and stuff. Managed to stick to an oke on a fairly long flatish single track without too much hassle, and he was on a hardtail. I'm sure I had to work harder than him, but nothing that made me feel like it was massive effort (also I'm heavy unfit) Climbing is harder, but that's a whole bike thing, it's bulkier and bigger than anything I've ridden before, I don't ever feel like I'm bobbing or anything. Only weird thing is trying to climb out of saddle feels meh. I find that just slowing down, getting comfy and spinning my way to the top takes waay less effort than trying to rush up. Going down is weird. Mostly it feels great, but every so often I get some track where the bike feels off. Not sure what that is as the trail conditions are mostly consistent. Generally I'm still trying to figure out how to dial it in along with the mrp fork, but I'm taking the approach that I just need to ride a lot more before doing stuff like that makes sense. So for the time being it's going to a bit weird and whatnot. I thought about replacing it for an air shock that's half the weight and you can lock it out and stuff, and decided against it in the end. This shock is a beast, no point having it if I'm not going to use it, the price of having it tuned is a lot, but it seems to be a one off thing, and I've already adjusted my riding to it and I enjoy it. Also it looks badd. ass. Only thing left is to get the skills and balls together to have it live it's purpose fully. Took it to an enduro trail close by, and boy do I have a ways to go. Left broken but happy.
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