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Limited Edition Cannondale OnBike


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Good luck getting one at $6,150 with only 250 produced:






















20100503_154307_1268300646628-1.jpgScott_CR12010-05-03 15:45:30

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This bike is not meant to be sat on for hours only to cruize down to your coffee shop and look cool I dig it.

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The whole point of the bike is to be a completely sealed unit with no exposed parts.  very cool idea and where MTBs can potentially go.

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Beats me, must have something to do with the shifting mec, I thik this is about 2 speed high and low??

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....would that be a Lefty' date=' a?Headshok or a Lefty-Headshok...?[/quote']




That's the new Headshok "SOLO" I saw one in UK recently.


it works on Headshok internals, but with a LEFTY hub!




Superlight, and Superstiff! Only 80mm tarvel though!!?

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