Steps to follow when booking and sending your Fox bicycle suspension direct to Omnico, the official Fox Bicycle Suspension distributor.

  1. Visit and select "Book a Service". There will also be a button added to the home page shortly.
  2. Complete the form with your details, noting the terms and conditions and extra charges for sending a complete bike. If you would like any specific work done (besides what is listed in the service items below), include clear and detailed instructions of what work needs to be done or any trailside symptoms. We may contact you to discuss any issues you have with your suspension to ensure any issues are sorted as per your requirements. If no additional comments are provided, only a basic service (listed below) will be carried out and charged for.
  3. Strip the fork or shock from your bike and safely and securely box the item, ready for collection
  4. Collection will be arranged by Omnico from the address stipulated on the booking form. Schenker Couriers, Omnico's preferred courier company, will contact you to confirm it is ready for collection and to arrange a collection date and time. Depending on the time of booking and your location you can expect collection same day or within 24 hours.
  5. Once the fork arrives it will be unpacked and placed into the servicing queue. Please note that we can get quite busy the week or two leading up to a big race or event, but even so turnaround time from time of receiving is usually 2-3 working days, depending on the workload.
  6. Should we pick up any additional issues or problems during the service, or while work is being carried out, we will contact you to discuss your options and to quote on the work and/or parts needed. No extra work will be carried out before we receive written approval via email from you, the consumer.
  7. As soon as the work has been completed, you will receive an invoice for payment. Once proof of payment has been received collection will be arranged with Schenker Couriers. If payment is made and the proof of payment received before midday, it will be collected the same day and you can expect delivery within 2 working days, depending on the area of delivery.

If you are sending your suspension in for warranty work and / or repairs then you must please send a copy of your proof of purchase along with your name and contact details to Note that Fox offers a One Year warranty on all forks and shocks from date of purchase for first-time owners and with proof of purchase.

Any additional questions or inquiries on upgrades and / or suspension tune can be directed to