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  1. I use chrome and I have the same, Iphone 12 on new ios
  2. not selling my baby anytime soon bud, but we can organise for you to ride it on the day, I'll be riding the road race. It will need a service though after Val de Vie (chainring and possibly wheelbearings), not sure if I'll have time to organise it in between.
  3. I'm too scared that I won't keep up with the little one if I get her Kogel Bearings
  4. Awesome turns out there’s a distributor here in Table View that I whatsapped yesterday and got me the bearings for this morning ! R40 for the pair, glad I didn’t wait for cyclelab/cwc or chillafish to come back to me!
  5. the Pzero with tubes same thing for me, 3 punctures in less than 100km. The F1 I had two punctures in the first ride, since then nothing, just the new tyre curse... I still believe the pro 1 is the best tubeless I've tried so far, the GP 5000 isn't bad either, the eagle f1 is just a bit *** to fit on the rim compared to the two others, and it has that "tube" feel that I'm sure people relunctant to tubeless will like. Even at 5/5,5 bars they feal very stiff like a tubed tire at 9 bar.
  6. I top up more or less after every puncture when my bike is covered of sealant Which is probably every 2 months or so. If you hear the sealant then you should be fine
  7. Thanks I'll check if I can find the ref, but it does look like the ref you gave. I was hoping to find something easier than having to drive all the way to the nearest bearing man with no garanties that they'll have, but looks like I'm gonna have to
  8. I've got those two bearings that completely broke on my daughters balance bike, any idea where I can find replacement ? I've asked the brand they said they'll send some, but it's probably going to take forever... in the meantime if I could find something local so that the little one can keep enjoying her bike ? looks like it's 2.3 cm total diameter and must take a 9mm axle. About 7mm thick
  9. Jbr

    Durbie Dash 2021

    it is doable with a fixed fourk, it's more the drop bars/brakes that I would worry of going around some of the tighter/steeper switchbacks
  10. Jbr

    Durbie Dash 2021

    They say 1800m elevation, and yes it's all doable on a hardtail
  11. Jbr

    Durbie Dash 2021

    Doubt it, come do the road event man Looks like the only single tracks are a tiny bit of supertubes at conties (gravelable), hoogekraal cobra + trail z, (the cobra on a gravel bike seems a bit of a challenge, trail z probably more doable but still challenging I wouldn’t risk it and I’ve done these trails a million times 😂) then bloemendaaler at the end, I reckon it's 95% gravelable for a very skilled person, but the very few singletrakcs there is are probably going to slow you down too much.
  12. it was the worst injury I've had in terms of how bad it was and could have been, but really not in terms of pain. It is amazing how good pain management is in SA compared to france, my wife was also very surprised when she gave birth compared to all she heard of from her friends in europe. So I was proper high for a few days and then once the plates are in and the swelling goes away it's fine. 2 years later it's 99% fine, it definitely still feels 2nd hand but I can do everything normal except it does get a bit sore when racing my 1000cc after a few laps
  13. We make it look like it's heaven, except lately the weather is terrible 6 days out of 7 This is how the durbanville hills were yesterday IMG_2738.MOV IMG_2738.MOV I could barely stay on my bike. So over winter now can we please have 2 days of good weather in a row ??? EDIT : lol the story expired on my insta and it doesn't look like uploading videos from the iphone works here
  14. Looking forward to my first CTCT (finally), fingers crossed, hopefully this time no drama right before the race like 2 years ago
  15. it gives me an index of 9,24 vs 11,55 for the PPA Sportive #1, is it the lower the better ? I find it surprising as I thought both races were kind of similar results for me, not sure what the beta and adjusted time are ? Beta is higher if the race was very difficult ?
  16. https://www.instagram.com/p/CT2qoible_F/
  17. At the moment I'm not, I've been draggued into doing the Val de vie stage race that weekend, except my teammate bailed on me and I end up on my own... Might give that entry away and race motorbikes the saturday and Perdeberg sunday, decisions decisions...
  18. Feels like we haven't had such a nice day since forever 🙄
  19. It's nice to see the numbers are growing, but it also causes congestions to leave pitlane and get to the track, by the time we clipped in the front of the race was already out of turn 1, and on a windy day like this the bunch stretches and breaks very easily ! Also lots of the guys were rubbing elbows causing swerves and other guys jumping on the brakes, which also created a few gaps
  20. Well... just got a quote from Garmin for a replacement of my 530 at no extra charge, despite it being 1,5 year old. I did write in the note I added with the unit that I first reported one of the two issues back in september last year but never sent it in until now (with the ticket reference). I'm very impressed. Would be great if the products were as great as their customers support ! Now when I receive it I can fully update it before spending hours resetting my data screens. I hope this new one doesn't turn off and doesn't refuse to turn back on everytime I hit a pothole or crash on my MTB and that the GPS routes will also finally work again 🤣
  21. I did Galibier and alpe d'huez 1 week after my first shot and mont ventoux twice right after my second shot, not sure why your GP told you that ? Maybe because your shot comes after an actual case of covid ?
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