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  1. Might pick up some core kit if they have some sizes. Also looking at some of the Mons Royale kit in the UK as there are a fair few sales on and you'll get a nice jersey at an okay price. Just case of getting it here.
  2. Ah that explains it. I did think you were being VERY generous for a Wednesday!
  3. A slaughter on the front.... wow. That should be fast rolling but I'm not is sure I'd be that brave. I'm always a a fan of chunk up front and party at the back!
  4. Well done to all involved getting us here, for the many meetings and behind the scenes work just to let us go pedal around in the dirt. Big high five.
  5. Thanks buddy, I did actually check at about 12:30 yesterday and the price was at R5385 which was why I was confused that you posted at 5pm odd that the offer was still on. Oh well.
  6. I did click on this but it seems ed be R5K not the R3285. Also what kind of riders (more endurance than enduro?) are you expecting and what's the average day kms. I'd be keen but I think I'm more focused on the downs than mile crunching so might not be the best fit.
  7. T-Bob

    SPD Sandals

    But what else are you going to wear with your best racing outfit?? I'd say those will pair nicely with this for the next enduro.
  8. T-Bob

    SPD Sandals

    And you wonder why Mavic is in receivership! I'd deffo have these Shimano ones for the summer camp roll back from the pub. Might even team them with some knee high safari socks to keep the farmers on side!
  9. Looks fun. Next bike is going to be a much shorter travel trail / AM bike and hopefully back the the Tranny. Will be interesting to see what they do with the Smuggler now as that was a 115 and then 120 travel BCXC style bike for all day riding up and over and then down decent hills. The original downcountry bike. Love Tranny but was sad when they 'grew up' the scout and it lost the manic stupidity of the first one. Same with the Smuggler from V1 to V2 and the SBG / short offset. It kind of killed the thing everyone love about the V1. Still looking for a V1 Smuggler or a V1 Scout for a +1. Interestingly Evil never went that way when they went from the Following to the new Following MB. Head angle stayed 'unfashionable' and didn't slack out and it still stayed as awesome as ever.
  10. What was the offical date that they are taking the lockdown from?
  11. I'm keen, I ran out at the beginning of March. 2 more needed. Just need to meet up and sort the paperwork. Will check with my inlaws as they also need for dog walking etc.
  12. Nothing for wide tyre AM crew? 2.4+ with some big knobbles and thick sidewalls.
  13. That's where the magic happens! will PM you back.
  14. Might just have to throw down a 'wanted ad' for a Medium one of those. Totally forgot they were rocking the real steel!
  15. Dude, that is exactly the frame I was thinking about in the the colour way that is so sweet. That will keep me happy all day. Honestly If i could find one like that at a good price I'd probably shelve the search now... but with gears obviously.
  16. If I were building up a N+1 bike that new Deb' Rev' with 35mm legs and the SLX / Deore kit is such a no brainer. I was so impressed with the last 'cheap' bike I rode. Only things that were letting it down were the wheels, saddle and grips.
  17. Ha, ha! As if you need to ask. I've locked down any idea of getting a new (or used frame from the UK) at the moment. Not sure why but I've never really had a thing for ragley. That frame though has some great touches with the rear brake mount and rear strut. Good numbers as well and looks so good as a whole bike with a 140mm fork. Current pricing: Frame is £550 and no stock until August. But would you put this over a Cotic SolarisMAX or BfeMAX or a Ribble 725?
  18. Ahhh.... congrats' dude. That looks awesome. Now I know why the guy never got back to me.
  19. Had an Ardent Race on the back which was pretty good but still my fast rolling, great gripper in most things is a Spez' Slaughter in grid. Only time it got weird was in moon dust H/berg and then it was a drift fest and a hell of a lot of fun but everything else it has been amazing. Look, I wouldn't ride it in mud but have ridden them year round in most things. It's also way better than the E13 SS, Rock Razor or the Minion SS. If you were thinking of either of those then I'd go some where else and get one of the other suggestions. If it's more trail you're looking for then a Ground control / Slaughter might be nice or Butcher / Ground control (?).
  20. Have just checked the difference in goes between the M slide and the Large Slade and the standover is the same on both and to be honest the reach and rest of the main numbers etc are closer to what I ride on my M dualie at the moment. That large full build in KZN might be back on the list!
  21. I got the whole groupo' with 165 cranks and the Dub BB off CRC when you could nip around the geolocation issue. That went onto a 2019 Ripmo and the only stuff up was on my side not understanding the difference between boost and non boost cranks. I ended up buying a new 'boost' crankset for very little reason and promptly selling it on.
  22. I've got Elim's front and back they are really great. Happy I swapped out the DHF and chucked the E13 semi slick as that even with the tough casing was poor and caused the first puncture / side wall cut I've had in 4+years. I would love to get back to a Slaughter on the back but Spez are still not making them for 29'rs in anything more than 2.3 (but you can get a 27.5 in 2.6).
  23. Bwahahahaha. I literally had the same answer from a mate the other day when I asked him why he only bought black bikes. Apparently his wife thinks it's the same bike he bought 5 years and 4 bikes ago. He's left his bike to me in his will because 'she'll sell it for peanuts'.
  24. I'm running the same set up and it wasn't event an issue (in fact that is why I bought the NX set up). Been about a year and a half with not an issue.
  25. Just get some fine grade wet n' dry and buff those stanchions up a beauty. kidding... obviously. Please don't do this. Not that I thought you would. But if you did...
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