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  1. I had a nice chrome Bomber at school...great fun!
  2. I ride Rival and love it. The double tap is actually what made me choose it, as I don't like the Shimano shift levers. There's one shifting paddle, so just push it to the first (very loud) click to move to a smaller cog, or push it all the way to move back. Great once you get the hang of it.
  3. Sounds like me...I pulled a muscle during the MTB Challenge last weekend, but desperately want to ride this weekend.
  4. Haven't had much luck sourcing Specialized bikes from any Joburg shops, we've tried.
  5. Hi Guys, I am posting to help the organizers of an event in Johannesburg tomorrow. They will be hosting a couple of riders from the Saxo Bank Sungard team, who want to accompany a small group for a ride. Due to shipping problems, their own bikes will not arrive in time. If any of you can assist in finding a Specialized 54cm bike for these two riders (on loan or to rent), they will obviously get a chance to meet the riders and ride with them too. If anyone can assist, please call Jacki on 0114307613. Thanks.
  6. I loved it! It was the first time I took part in it, but the organisation was great, the road closures were good, and even the motorists were very patient compared to Joburg. Those hills near the finish killed me, but I'm happy with my ride.
  7. I have several components that have been lying in the garage for years and now look a bit dull. What is the best way to polish them, without damaging or corroding them? The parts include cranksets, brake calipers and derailleurs.
  8. Great story, but it must have been really miserable at the time!
  9. With scenery like that, I'd spend all my time riding!
  10. That's a faceplant waiting to happen!!!
  11. I'm 1.96m and weigh 105kg at the moment, dropping with every ride ;-)
  12. I don't see any mention of it on the website you mentioned...it redirects to Taropa Technologies?
  13. For a noob, that sounds impressive! :clap:
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