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    Nothing has changed, group just smaller these days
  2. jcza


    Start at Engen on Main Road https://goo.gl/maps/QJGQBjqZTwS8dSwx8
  3. Community ended after the hub was taken over by professional traders. Fond memories of the "old days"
  4. Our very own Valverde (or should that be Rebellin?)
  5. jcza

    The Munga 2020

    The event where wannabes get found out and Vetseun became a legend.
  6. Organized, thanks...dankie...merci
  7. Is there a bike shop in Graaf Reinet or any other place to buy a rear derailleur cable?
  8. Powermeter must be broken or a world tour team is missing a rider
  9. jcza


    Out with Beyers right at Valverde, right into Malibongwe, right into Boundary and back to dome.
  10. Last year was really slow and controlled and I see they branded it Coffee ride this year so I suspect it will be same. Keep everyone together.
  11. jcza

    The bad ride

    Almost identical story here, ave HR 164 and battling to hold number on climb thru Steyn City and finish. Tough week at the office but decent level of fitness and freshness according to TP. Freshness might be too high at 12, prefer to do short races like this with freshness at 0 or just below. Haven’t been sick for months, guess it’s one of those days. Hope to do better next week.
  12. Cullinan 2 Tonteldoos does not allow gravel bikes. Race to Sun, not sure I’ll do on gravel bike again. Swartberg Gran Fondo is perfect for gravel bike. Descent back to Prince Albert in the drops requires concentration. Not sure there’s any benefit doing TransBaviaans on gravel bike. Sure you’ll be slower and will suffer more. Karoobaix is a fantastic event but very tough. Gravel Grinders offered from Prince Albert is perfect for gravel bikes and great fun.
  13. Glad the 2 of you were bonding and not arguing on the hub
  14. Free entry for 160km race still available
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