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  1. mine works perfectly, no mess no fuss, yip so did the little bottles of lube I used before I can aim, gimmick or not I got no issue filling it up and using it as it does not get blocked
  2. Ridgeway cycling is in greenstone, great stock levels, workshop that is always prepared to help and know what they are doing sales you can speak to Rory, workshop Anton 011 524-0192 the more I deal with them the more it pays off.
  3. RIP, condolences to the family, Savages kill someone for a bike they might get R2000 for, sickening
  4. loooong ago he is like the winning lotto ticket,, everyone talks about it no one ever sees it can you believe its already that long ago,,, donner i`m old
  5. hit a FTP test, compare it to previous test, do a short base build and even if there is no race doesnt mean you cant set a personal goal for say DEC /Jan always better to chase a goal and keep focused in my professional opinion as a mechanic
  6. My brother in law is big into old bicycles with motors, he has found a nice motor and is looking for an old steel frame bike to fit the wheel/motor combo onto I will ad pics the pic of the bike is what came up with the engine number, but He does not specifically want the same he just want an old school steel frame. I thought maybe even an old Post office bike ???

    Hot Foot

    I battled for years eventually I went with the broadest shoe at the time(spez), I wore those shoes to destruction, I literally bought a used set of the same model shoes off a friends feet because spez didnt have the same shoes years later Spez do a wider shoe mine is 8 2c the 2c as I understand is for wide feet, I bought 2 sets as i tried many makes looking for a shoe I could use the closest i got to my old shoe was Lake, they also make shoes for wide feet but I still had hot foot also according to Spez foot template I shouldnt wear an insert, I put in the blue insert, and now all my shoes even normal day to day shoes have them in and at the end of the day my feet are 100S go to a spez shop stand on the foot template and see what they say, as I said they told me no insert I knew my feet were hot and I had nothing to lose I think the insert was R200 problem solved no hot foot,,,, and it does not have to go in a spez shoe(but the do have nice broad ones)
  8. My ritchey steel, is lighter than my cannondale lefty 🥴🥴
  9. N + always FTW went out today with vetseun gravel grind in corrugated bloem my old school steel rigid worked just fine enough so that tomorrow is another out ride ps did I mention bloem is corrugated
  10. On any other forum all the answers would be wrap your head with foil and report back to US THE EGGSPERTS but seriously vaaark I will be following to read the end result with interest
  11. As above N+ works i have a few options not a gravel specific, but I find myself using this the most lately, for commutes(urban and gravel) cruising around our little mtb track, gravel grinds the N+ always applies I must say the whole angle of better than a road bike, but not as fast, but not as comfortable as a mtb, this is lighter than my scalpel and it’s rolling suites my slow speed anyway
  12. I know cyclists in brakpan and bloem who sniff glue, never heard of the salt angle
  13. Getting my bike to and from my LBS is a pain in the butt, I’ll gladly ride up and down as I have a great relationship built up and it’s worth the effort, and I know their quality and std i find a relationship with the LBS is much more beneficial
  14. I hear u and u right, but BUYERS AND SELLERS will never a)find the discussion b) understand the innuendo c) give a vaaaark what random people are saying VIA VIA not a direct sale/purchase agreement
  15. I’m not asking for “old” hub i agree and agree to disagree but I do feel feedback is essential and as a service provider I only see the positives
  16. I left hub long ago and asked for my account to be locked many reasons, mostly my perception of the community and the change, and I stopped riding and felt I had nothing to contribute pre the “crash” I asked via a member to ask Matt to open my account purely for classifieds i am a bike whore and I buy much more than my wife knows or much more than I should every now and then I look at the topics mostly race reports, or upcoming events i know there is a thread ASKING/Begging admin/Matt to open the comments section and many Hubbers asking for clear reasoning behind this im not going to read N questions as to why we can’t comment, and I saw there are a few Hubbers “demanding “ response my point is , MATT IF YOUR FOCUS IS SALES 👌🏻👌🏻Good for you bud, your pass time became something more, well done but if u are genuinely only interested in a sales forum and u don’t care about delicate LITTLE TULIPS FEELINGS WHY THE VAAARK do u not allow comments, I have never bought a vehicle , asset, or used a service provider who didn’t give a **** about LEVEL OF SERVICE PROVIDED so,,,, Please report my lack of gramma and swearing enough for Matt /admin To tell everyone WTF or maybe I crack a PM /warning, because I buy a lot and I get great service and great prices and just rating a seller to me feels wrong its an experience (in my case 🤞 only been great) but all sales are not created equal EVER proper feedback is essential
  17. Hell NO MY BIKES MY BABIES my bike shops (multiple) know me, they all KNOW MY BIKES KNOW if my bikes come in where are the skuff marks and and keep it that way my guys at my work even know if they wash my bikes and if there is a new mark, call me and run it past me even my 12 year old cycling partner (daughter) knows, fall and the bike gets scratched not the end of the world,, scratch it because u not paying attention BEEG PROBLEM my LBS X3 all know that **** just won’t fly and I love them all for knowing that
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