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  1. I'm in for the Marathon. 3rd marathon after Buffelsdrift and Legends this year. Did the 40k last year. There was one quite steep climb (to top of Tant Miems (can't remember spelling) Otherwise quite a fun route. Quite nervous for the Marathon, as I know it will be tougher than Buffelsdrift and Legends. All the best to those riding
  2. Ja the problem with these races is they generally change the routes every year. You could maybe search on Strava if there is an activity for Last year's one and then compare the route profile to this year's one. But I expect it would differ a bit. This appears to be the 2019 Event 2021 event. So looks quite different. They have used Rosemary Hill in previous years
  3. That is insane that they didn't get sufficient or any food and stuff for the race.
  4. Yes but what I'm referring to is AVV said she thought she had won. Thought they would have known someone was up the road
  5. Ja it is great without radios. But I can't believe they didn't know. But brilliant from Kiesenhofer to win from the original break at km 0
  6. Seems like the Peloton (or at least the Dutch) didn't realise Kiesenhofer was up the road
  7. AVV and AVDB doing the 1 2 break
  8. Kiesenhofer has 2:45 minutes with 3.5k to go. But gap dropping
  9. Dutch have finally put 2 on the front. Maybe they will start bringing it back
  10. 10k to go. Just under 4min lead on Peloton. If the Peloton don't get a move soon she might stay away
  11. Will be really awesome if Kiesenhofer manages to stay away
  12. No it's Ash. On a Specialized. Carla rides a Chapter 2
  13. Leaders have 10:30 over Peloton, 98k to go
  14. Only a few km in and the butchering has already started 5 leaders nearly 7 minutes ahead of Peloton, 122k to go
  15. Flag dropped and Carla Oberholzer goes out on a break with 2 others.
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