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  1. I was there this past weekend. The trails were so wet & muddy that we stuck to the gravel roads. Suurbrak to Heidelberg via Strawberry Hill climb is an awesome ride, very scenic.
  2. Great story Sam, thanks for sharing your experience with us. I'm thoroughly enjoying reading it 🤙 I was signed up for the 2018 Munga but my planning was rudely derailed by a thyroid cancer scare. Maybe it's time to tick it off the bucket list now that I'm healthy again.
  3. Post the photo's here and let us have a look. See if you can find a tubing decal on the down tube or seat tube.
  4. Just to add my 2c worth. It often depends on the tubing used on the Hansom. From Reynolds 501 and upwards the geometry tends to be more race orientated and the clearances less for wider tires, especially if you own a frame that was custom made for a client. The cheaper tubing like 025 can often accommodate up to 32C tires.
  5. You'll have to look long and hard to beat that price for a bike running 11 speed. I'm looking to building up a old steel gravel bike as a fun project and just piecing together parts for it runs at over R5K. I'd say... Go for it 🤙
  6. Hahaha... that's wonderful to hear 😄 It certainly becomes a very addictive hobby very quickly. Enjoy and shout if you need any assistance. Looking forward to meeting you on one of our Vintage bike rides sometime in the future 🤙
  7. All the best PS, know that by doing this you might just be saving another cyclists life/lives 🤙
  8. Try www.bicyclestickers.co.uk, I've had very good service from them 🤙 Lovely old Carlton btw, well done on giving it some new life. Regarding the bar tape... that saddle is a little darker than tan, maybe try www.everydaycyclesupplyco.com (here in CT) and check out their range of bar tape to match the darker leather. Good luck with the rest of the resto, be sure to drop us some photos once done 🤙
  9. Some work I've done recently in customizing a stem for a Ciocc build and a chainblade for a Gios.
  10. Perfect cruising weather at the moment 🤙 I need to fire up my bikes again soon, they've been on trickle charge for too long.
  11. Investigator... "So Mr vd Poel, could you please confirm your exact whereabouts when this accident took place?"
  12. Unless he's pulling off the biggest fake in the industry then I don't think he's at the level of a top domestique at the moment so why even take him to the Tour? What is puzzling for me is they will have seen & studied all his power stats and performances in Tenerife and they'll know exactly where he is in terms of preparation and in comparison to the other guys on the camp and they have persisted with getting him ready for the Tour. IMHO.... They're either hiding it because it's bad or they're hiding it because they're planning something big and they're hoping to catch the other teams off guard.
  13. That was even tougher than I expected and I only did the 180. Kudo's to all those who tackled the full ride, I have the utmost respect for all of you but just shout if you need a reference for a good psychologist. I enjoyed the Rooiberg stage but that Caltizdorp stage broke me in half. Thank God I found my legs with 30km's to go. My legs still feel broken. Well done to Dryland on presenting a great event, I cannot fault anything.
  14. That's a harsh blow for Landa, just when he seemed to be coming into some great form as well.
  15. Should blow us home, route turns Easterly after check point 3
  16. LOL... my memory has never been something I brag about
  17. Make sure you finish early, the forecast on YR for Sat afternoon doesn't look very good at this stage
  18. As a touring bike, function wins over form but damn, that bike looks like my old dutch aunties shopping cruiser in that setup. But hey, it it works for you and you prefer it, then that's all that counts
  19. If 26er duals are still fetching around 6-7K then I'd guess a titanium hardtail around the 10K mark? Lovely bike, I never realized that Wheeler made a titanium frame. That's a nice collectible piece for someone into mtbs.
  20. That's an absolute beauty Morne Yep, you tend to hold a gear much longer on these old bikes as reaching down seems like too much effort
  21. This has happened to me several times when trying to purchase vintage bikes. My response is pretty much a standard reply of #gofuckyourself and then let karma do the rest. What goes around comes around.
  22. I do vinyl as well, you're welcome to drop me a PM
  23. Wow, that looks smashing Any particular reason you didn't go for a standard quill stem?
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