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  1. If you are using a Tacx trainer, try the Tacx Training app - you can upload a gpx route file and ride it in a Google Earth type view. The blue dot is me heading north from Umhlanga...
  2. This article doesn't conclude much, but just wondering if anyone heard of similar over the past 3 weeks? https://www.cyclingnews.com/news/nairo-quintanas-hotel-room-searched-by-french-police-on-tour-de-france/
  3. Use my Edge 530 during workouts so that I can see ave lap power during the various intervals, as I don't like ERG mode. But then don't save it to avoid duplication.
  4. Not had this issue, but the only thing I have notice previously is that when the maps change as per the calendar, is that the switch over is midnight California time. Maybe a possibility that it recognized that time rather than SA time in this instance? But that is a complete guess and based on no experience or expert knowledge whatsoever
  5. I live in Bahrain, and have done the 70.3 twice. Probably the flattest, and potentially most windy, race around ???? But a PB course if there ever was one...
  6. Cheabb78


    Which one were you originally shopping for? ????
  7. Yeah, all done on the unit itself.
  8. Got my 530 last week (UK), and so far so good. No button issues as mentioned above. Don't have previous experience with any of the Edge models, so have nothing to compare it to, but easy enough to set-up having used various Garmin watches over the past few years.
  9. Thanks for the explanation, much appreciated.
  10. Sorry if this is a silly question, but what do you mean by 15min and take the complete value? If the 20min formula is ave watts x 95% = FTP, what is the 15min formula? Same formula, but resulting in a more accurate representation from your experience? Thanks.
  11. Do a lot of road riding on my own, and take it as a compliment if someone wants to draft me. Feels a lots worse when they go racing past me ????
  12. Anyone seen, or even better, used a Power Pod? Seems to be a solution for the multiple bikes question. Found lots of reviews, but haven't read through them yet.
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