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  1. Never trust cars to stop at traffic lights.Just saw a commuter that had been knocked down at cnr Racecourse & R27 in Milnerton in busy traffic.Hope he is ok
  2. On the cycle lane near Milnerton High .They have red cones out but still had a rider otb this morning.Be careful out there
  3. Just a standard Gary Fisher Zebrano 700 x 38
  4. Gary Fisher and I felt brave and took the cycle lane through Paardeneiland to the city and back.More worried about getting a flat from all the glass and metal bits than being bikejacked.City cops on duty along the route.Had to stop at Espresso Bakery for a reward!!
  5. Yoh another area where you have to be careful.Every Dick,Tom & Harry seem to have guns.Unlicensed of course. M....F...rs
  6. About 2 weeks ago 60 yr old cyclist was mugged on the cycle lane near the Paddocks shopping centre but fought back .Got his ph and bike back.On Tues at 6pm a lady was mugged on the Diepriver bridge between Paddocks and Sunset beach.Saw the regular commuter ladies going home at about the time yesterday and also riding alone Be careful out there
  7. Because of cable theft there are 2 sections along cycle lane to Tableview where there are no street lights.Between Sunset beach and near Dolphin beach and from Diepriver bridge till about 400m past Racecourse rd intersection.Saw runner and cyclists out training in the dark with no lights and commuters going home flat out.Goodluck to all commuters riding in the dark
  8. Once again went along cycle lane to see how the overnight cable theft was proceeding after 2 roadies had wheel damage there yesterday.As I passed the 1st diggings a movement in the trench caught my eye.True as f...there is the cable thief lying in the trench.I k..ed on him for dumping stones on the lane.He jumped out hid the spade and walked off,only to return as soon as I had left.This was at 6.45 am so I knew it would be shift change at SAPS and would get no joy there.What would you do?
  9. Short ride to Blaauwberg.Upset with all the trash next to cycle lane.Now we even have cable theft happening with gravel dumped on part of cycle.Lets do our part to keep our routes lekker
  10. This mess has been cleared up but this storm water drain is still a problem with stinking water which is regularly pumped into another stormwater drain.Scary that this drains into the Diepriver lagoon where I often see children swimming.
  11. Freedom.Even the dogs were chilled and did not chase
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