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  1. Where are you based? what sort of trainer are you looking for? Basic resistance or full Watt measurement and Swift compatible?
  2. NEVER BEEN USED... must be from the 2020 event🙈
  3. Did you ever think that maybe the MSRP (Regular Price) was wrong, and it should have been R3590 less 50% = R1795 ?
  4. I have a Trapezium Bike Rack (Hang-on style, bought 18 years ago) ... I can put 3 bikes on the rack and tow a trailer - happy days😎
  5. There was a guy selling these here on Bike Bub, https://www.makro.co.za/sports-outdoor-travel/sports/bicycles/bicycle-accessories/bicycle-cover-large-fire-and-ice/p/9dcf8386-d202-4d3d-976b-4304afc2b32c
  6. You are welcome to try my Pannier and bags, BUT, 1 - they only fit on a Hardtail and 2 - I'll need them back in September as I am planning a trip. Pannier/rack weighs about 1.2 kg - similar to https://www.decathlon.co.za/bike-racks/187311-18723-100-24-28quote-bike-pannier-rack.html bags from Decathlon weigh 930g - https://www.decathlon.co.uk/p/double-bag-100-2-x-15l/_/R-p-158320 https://forum.bikehub.co.za/topic/189457-bikepacking-bike-touring/?do=findComment&comment=3818525
  7. No mention of the stanchion wear on the forks https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/492111/giant-anthem-xl
  8. It can't be VITUS, they don't have a Multi Owner warranty, only Original Owner
  9. Originally I thought it was VITUS bikes... https://www.google.com/search?q=fox+34%2C+slx+12+speed%2C+wtb+30mm%2C+brand+x+dropper%2C+schwalbe+hans+damp https://www.google.com/search?q=slx+12+speed%2C+marzocchi+bomber%2C+rs+monarch%2C+brand+x+dropper%2C+wtb+30mm%2C+schwalbe+hans+damp BUT I see that VITUS don't come with a Multi Owner Warranty. Do your bikes come with Warranty? We offer a 5-year warranty on all our frames. On top of that we also offer an extended 2-year warranty on all components excluding wear and tear items such as bearings, brake pads, chains & cassettes etc. Our Warranty policy applies to the original owner and processed by our exclusive retail partners.To see their warranty process check: CRC & Wiggle
  10. Please be aware MT501 is 2 piston , MT520 is 4 Piston.
  11. I was able to fix mine.... hear is another Thread on in....
  12. For now have a compact sleeping bag I bough 12 years ago for Adventure Racing and I don't use a mat If I get seriously into it I would get a Down sleeping bag and something like this https://www.firstascent.co.za/aero-5-5-lightweight-mattress
  13. Just Start!!!! I grabbed my old 26", added some cheap panniers from Decathlon, my 2 man A-frame tent and sleeping bag, camping cooker. My first trip was 22KM to Bergsig Trout Farm in the Cradle. Next is 50km to Hartbeesport Then 105km to ATKV Bufflesport.
  14. Was this while you were ridding on the bike or sleeping in your tent?
  15. Maybe this.... https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/fat-bikes/488968/titan-whopper-race
  16. A mate of mine from JHB was going to a conference in East London... he accidental booked a Return Flight to PE and had to drive the 300km there and back 😁
  17. I would recommend getting something like this.... https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/hardtail-mountain-bikes/485303/silverback-stride-sport Old School V-Brakes, Coil fork, 6061 Alu Frame, and virtually ZERO maintenance for R1700, and get a new Saddle, if he is not comfortable he will stop ridding... something like these... https://www.cyclelab.com/product/velo-vl-6090-comfort-men-s-saddle https://www.cyclelab.com/product/syncros-gel-ladies-saddle This will enable him to go for a comfortable 30 min ride without any worries. If he is conformable he will enjoy it, if he enjoy's it he will do it more often, if he does it more often he will get fitter, if he gets fitter he will be able to ride longer, and this will improve his health and drop his weight. Once he has dropped some weight and "IF" he wants to take the next step, he can get a newer 29", I would recommend ... https://www.specialized.com/za/en/mens-s-works-stumpjumper-st-29/p/157590?color=253579-157590
  18. What are his Goals? Fun and being outside or Fitness and Weight Loss I would recommend getting a 26" Hard tail bike with strong (heavy) wheels. You can pick them up Second Hand quite cheaply these days.
  19. What type of Riding does he want to do ? and what is his budget?
  20. Hi Johan, I also had some Specialized (Carbon) MTB shoes that I loved and the velcro stop sticking... I bought some valcro strips ( you can buy then for anywhere , Checkers, Makro, Clicks, Crazy Store) . you only need to replace the fluffy side. Shaved the old velco off and glued the strips on ( with Super Contact or Sew-Simple). Got another 3 years out of them until the inner padding started to fall apart. This could tie you over for a while until you find something you want. I did Replaced them last year with Ryder BORA, these are not as comfortable on the bike, but are more conformable OFF the bike at the coffee shop or walking around. https://www.rydercycling.co.za/ryder-products/shoes/bora-shoe-detail It does come with a BOA too. https://www.rydercycling.co.za/ryder-products/shoes/bora-mtb-2-0-detail
  21. R2500 for the bike and R5000 for the Spez logo....it's worth R5000... to some people
  22. @Nico van Loggerenberg Where are you based? Are you looking for something local or will you buy a bike you have not seen (ie from another Province)?
  23. If you can't fix it with Duct-Tape...... you're not using enough Duct-Tape!!!
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