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  1. At least you have good and run with #TanWalls4TheWin!
  2. Are you the same "lemons" guy that does graffiti / street art?
  3. Did a parking lot ride on a 883 sporty this afternoon while doing a K53 lesson today. Can not say I am a fan of the ergo's of the bike ... they do really look sexy though and sound really good, but the bike is not for me
  4. Is the hammer to set the gears or service the e-bike motor?
  5. I am here but do not have to always correct you log with the wrong brake setup..... Next thing you are going to want to ride on the right hand side of the road too
  6. Your dad was right
  7. I think the S part of the sportster S is key here. The next iterations to follow may be more up your alley
  8. Flipping awesome Tell your brother based on this pic his photoshopping skills are getting better being able to make it look like you are getting some style and air.
  9. jokes on you ... with a SS you do not need to index!
  10. You can buy a second hand Specialized Chisel on the Bikehub for 20K https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/hardtail-mountain-bikes/501331/specialized-chisel-comp-large Or you can buy a new one for 15K ... tough choice https://www.specialized.com/za/en/mens-chisel-comp-x1/p/157839?color=239087-157839&searchText=91719-5405
  11. what you described is essentially just another day if you have a teenaged son who thinks he knows everything.............
  12. I am a couple of episodes in and Yellowstone is brilliant.
  13. We need the marketing guys to come up with a better name than Engineers on Bicycles
  14. In a perfect world we would all be out riding our bikes and not stuck at work right now. CT weather is showing off big time today!
  15. Do those braded hoses have blood on them after cutting yourself when shortening the hoses and then having to ask someone else to finish the setup!?!?
  16. But does it look like a Session lame Pinkbike joke
  17. Provide the model and we can only ask him ... he is a really great guy ok and is also on this site . @ChristiaanSt
  18. One of the stickers I have considered is the Black Sheep Bikes Sticker ... I like the look of it, and what little service I have had from them has always been really good. But leave the stickers at the till, and leave it up to the client to decide if they want any!
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