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  1. What....this comment went over my head like a Frisbee over a fat Labrador's head.
  2. Well not all superhero's wear capes 🦸‍♂️, Posted on quite a few facebook pages and got a DM asking about Taun, the guy said hes been in contact with him and was planning on doing a trip so I shared all the pages and told him to stay clear from Africrank. Luckily no cash was handed over
  3. Defend his honour - "the quality of knowing and doing what is morally right."
  4. I find that strange, also can find him in my search options. I've posted on other groups I'm part of and will continue were I can
  5. Last year I was privileged to get a personal message from him. This was sad little attempt to scare me. "Hi Grant. Hope this message finds you well. You seem to be very intent on continuously posting public warnings regarding Adventure Cycles. I don't recall ever doing any business with you, and cannot find your contact details on our database, but if somehow you have been wronged by either myself or my company, I welcome you to contact me and discuss this with me. you Can call me on 0632202895 or at the office on 0126820185. Alternatively please feel free to send me an email to taun@advnenturelogostics.co.za ." "all those contact details are also publically avaialble, and Perhaps if you had some first hand information you might reconsider your stance. I won’t try to deny that there have been issues on our side, but there was never an intention to do anyone in. We simply lost too much revenue during the course of the extended lockdowns, and were not able to sustian the losses. To the best of my knowledge, we are in Contact with and communicating with all affected parties, to either accommodate them on alternative trips, or to arrange for refunds. We have a pretty fully booked summer season of tours, and look forward to turning the businesses cashflow around througout this period. However, post Like you continue to make are causing direct damage to our business, and will Only result in further losses for all involved. I again appeal to you to please reach out to us if somehow either myself of Adventure Cycles has wronged you in anyway, so we can adress this and find an amicable solution. However, if this is not the case, I humbly request that you refrain from calling out our business on public platforms. If you feel the need to continue with this, I will be forced to take remedial action, as there are direct financial and reputations losses resulting from your posts, and we cannot leave this unattended. I see you are based in Kathu, but if you are in Pretoria, please feel free to call me, and we can go for a coffee, and I will gladly answer any other questions you might have. Maybe we can even convince you to join us on an adventure sometime in the future." I see the number in the message is exactly the same as on the new website.
  6. Is this a new page? If so then, its go time. I've been blocked from all his pages.
  7. Im not sure if this has been posted in a different thread but another hit and run case, WTF!!!! 😡 https://maroelamedia.co.za/nuus/sa-nuus/motoris-gesoek-na-man-op-fiets-sterf/
  8. Did some facebook creeping, seems his dad did pass away a few years back. Thats if its the same guy I found. If it is for real, someone is going take try and make a quick penny out of this. Nice looking bike.
  9. I made my own set with a Yoga matt, only problem was that its likes to soak up sealant so it did add a bit of weight to my bike, not that I worried on my eduro bike. You can also look at these. https://bike-addict.co.za/products/csixx-foamo-rim-tire-protective-insert On the actual concept of insert, 100% yes for me. Saved me a lot of rims dings and potential snake bites.
  10. haha yea, seen a few vids and I guess its going to happen to me. Have no experience with them so its going to be a slow learn for me, planning on doing an hour spin in the mornings as its a bit difficult to go riding every day. Im not a hardcore athlete just want to get my fitness levels up for the year, so it will only be my road bike doing the work.
  11. Hi Hubbers. anybody have one of these indoor rollers, its a deuter roller? Thoughts on them or a review, ive already bought it but just wondering if its reliable. https://www.takealot.com/bike-trainer-rollers-for-indoor-exercise/PLID72473218
  12. before I start, Im not making this a debate about religion but just adding something from another few. Sadly the whole me, myself and I and 0 empathy is going to get worse, same as the comment made by Ian. Looking at the book of revelations and the "coming of the end time" humans will loose all of these feeling towards each other. Things are really going to get crappy 😂. But as other hubbers have mention social media is big cancer eating away at our society, sadly they promote more click bate crap and not the feel good stories we need as humans. Anyway
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