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  1. Damit, every time I read your post its in Rick Sanchezs voice. ( Damn you pickle Rick)
  2. Alright so today was my first commute, guess I was just over thinking it didnt even take me 10min to ride to work. Pair of jeans work shirt and my 5tens, had my wife drop off my laptop and boots and that was it. PFFF not even a 2km ride so ja not sure if thats going to help getting fitness levels up. Will see how its goes for the week. Thanks for all the advice
  3. Ive tried my part on facebook and was nicely warned that I will be taken to court if I did not stop calling him a scammer. Now I got a very long sorry message on how covid has hit them and how hes constantly in contact with the people and bla bla bla. out of interest, can I be taken to court and what would happen if I posted our his message here?
  4. @Mountain Bru thank you for all the advice, so it was the chainring. Fitted a new one last week and all fixed now, the previous one was second hand so i guess it was time.
  5. Hi Hubbers. So been contemplating commuting to work as its only 5 km away from home, well its more because I got fat and I need to make a plan now. I normally go home for lunch so its going to be 4 trips in a day, just want some advice on how to do this? My work wear would normally be long pants,(jeans or cargo) cotton shirts and boots so what would be the best clothes to wear? Now I cant shower at work, so will it be realistic changing 4 times a day is just to ride up and down? Other question is what do you do if you carry a laptop? I can leave it in my office but I like working at night so I do have it with me every day. What bike would you guys suggest, road bike or MTB? Thanks
  6. I would say a multitool like this. Lost my one 😭
  7. But why, just out of interest?
  8. Thanks for the reply. Are the chains the same length? Yes measured and cut exactly the same How worn was the old chain before you replaced it? It was a second hand chain, about 100km plus I added about another 100km (I broke my eagle one) then saw bling, hehe What do the teeth look like on your chainring? Still fairly new but will recheck it to make sure What do the teeth look like on your cassette? Cassette is new, only done 100km (no hard riding) Is everything nice and clean with fresh lube? Will give it a good wash to see if it helps. I've never experienced this before so I find it a bit weird
  9. Hi Hubbers. not sure if this is the right place, but it does involve a 12 speed chain. So I had to replace my chain recently, old chain was a 12 speed eagle and the new one is a 12 KNCN. The issue now is it looks like my chain line all out, the chain keeps jumping on my front chaining mid cassette and up. Didn't have this issue with my previous chain, any advice?
  10. Just found your post on fork seal kits, so Ill check it out.
  11. Thanks much appreciated, will chat with Droo. Hes always good with help
  12. Seems there is some shops with stock on the SKF seals, so would it be a lipped on lipless seal?
  13. Wouldn't say more than 60h, the fork just seems a bit sticky so would like to change the seals to see if it helps. It makes a horrible noise when going through its full stroke but I know these forks do have a bit of an issue sadly cant do much upgrade with the internals but they say a good service with certain parts makes it better. Thanks for the advice on the oil, should find that around here.
  14. Hi Fellow Hubbers. So its time for a fork service as its not feeling so lekker, anybody who can point me into the right direction? Looking for service kit, or a place that has stock almost all the main sites have stock issues. Also looking for SKF wipers, will they make a big difference? Most of my online searching has shown that they seem to help with the forks stickiness. Im sitting in Kathu so going to a local bike shop is not that easy. Thanks
  15. Well, Ive been blocked from his pages and sent a very sad story on messenger on how I'm doing damage to his reputation and if I continue to warn people its going to end up in court. So ja ek sal maar liewers stil bly
  16. Not sure if you are looking for something more trail orientated but this looks nogal nice. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/486307/niner-jet-9-full-carbon-29er-l-1x12
  17. if wheel size is not an issue then look at these bikes. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/485189/2016-commencal-meta-v4-andorra-edition https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/484718/scott-genius-750 https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/483098/giant-reign-advanced-1-2016 https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/480467/trek-fuel-ex-8-2018
  18. A guy tried to sell me a fork, please be on the lookout. Truecaller shows him as Brent Maritz (06843399091), email - Donalddcapetown@gmail.com
  19. Hi DeniseD. Please pm when you can, I know of people who have also paid and are now worried about their money.
  20. I have also reported his page, so hopefully facebook did something there. Im so gatvol of people like this
  21. Want start spamming this page, just want to make sure its the same guy 😆
  22. https://web.facebook.com/AdventureSolutionsRSA seems hes still going on facebook. looks to be the same guy
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