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  1. Mix some Klipdrift in the ice cold coke.
  2. Get well.....or like my father would say (according to him it means the same): "Hou op aansit en kry jou lui gat terug op daai fiets en oefen, ek het nie verniet daai ding gekoop nie" Remeber what doesnt kill you makes you stronger
  3. thats the best advice anyone has ever given on the hub.... I tried to take my HR the other morning when I woke up....I couldnt lie still because my bladder was bursting.....
  4. whats nice about the 10 spd is the fact that the last 3 rings are loose so you can replace them depending on the race, for something like the tour de lesotho( race from hell) you remove your 11 and 12 and 13 and put a 25 25 and 27 on
  5. I know there are a couple of pro ladies here.....seen a couple of b*itch fights between them too on this site....
  6. the garmin data is much more accurate and easy to use in the garmin programs, just stick to it....forget polar
  7. for better control I ride without gloves and with 2 sets of bartape.... tip if you do that: close your hands if you fall!
  8. nice bike... Ill send you some canda green now for your grass
  9. you would rather like to change to ultegra not dura ace...dura ace will cost you well in the 10 thousand.....ultegra is great for the amateur rider and you can get dura ace when you sign your contract with microsoft... reasons to change from tiagra is weight an easier and smoother gear changeing
  10. Campag is made for softie Italians we good afrikaner ouens hou meer van die kwaliteit wat langer hou...shimano
  11. I'm still in high school but I think between school and the girlfriend I get less time to train than you working folks
  12. I don't think a REcumbent will ride so nice after a couple of glasses of Klipdrift
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