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  1. Take your bike to Addo and do some riding up the Zuurberg mountain. Send me your number by pm, will chat to you....
  2. I for one cannot see this event taking place. There is a huge surge of Covid in all the areas, there will also be a massive rise in the figures come end Jan 2021 after every man and his dog visited the Eastern Cape during the holiday period....this is so sad.
  3. I avoid this topic lately....gained 5kg in a very short time, and my self control is on holiday!! I try every day to return to my eating plans, holding up well during the day but as soon as i hit home all snacking starts at full speed.
  4. Man you are such a brave soul and defnitely an inspiration for me....i salute you Sir
  5. I had my ablation done in Sept 2018, went for my annual check up about 3 months ago, I had no episodes of irregular heart beat for 18 months (since my last check up) i am not a top athlete/racer but i have pushed myself into the red a couple of times.....i did take it slow for 6 weeks for the ablation to "heal" properly.
  6. Was planning to do it with my daughter, then my rotator cuff happened, still on the mend , but with the "new rules" I think I will skip this one. I stay 220km from Willowmore , with the race starting at 10am it was nice leaving early in the morning and arrived with lots of time to prepare, but now will be a different ball game...........
  7. This is going to be a game changer...........keep an eye on the classifieds for the off loading of tickets starting today. I am still in 2 minds of doing this !!
  8. Hi Hubbers , is there anybody in the above area that can check something out for me please? I will pay towards any costs occurring. Please send me a WA 08three 22 52 oo5. Thanks in advance
  9. Was it me writing this ??? Following with big interest, my main problem is to recover from my shoulder , but i also feel BLEH at the moment
  10. I am also battling, at least under control. With my shoulder repaired i battle to do my IDT sessions my hand goes numb, and i am hurting....more frustrated than everything else. Then i think of the GI JANE movie with the following..... I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself. Then i dont feel sorry for myself any more!!!
  11. Rather get yourself a Glock 43, you are just going to make the "TIKKOP" more angry....
  12. Ouch that sounds serious.. .. he must blame the wife !! I am "working" from home , but will go into the office Monday, fortunately i am working for myself so it helps a lot.
  13. Ok so 11 days after the procedure , i am starting to feel human again. According to the dr he did the following which i had to Google.......Rotator Cuff repair, bicep tenodesis and shoulder acromioplasty. I cannot remember anything about last week and slept all day long. The pain meds show schedule 6 on the box, i must admit that and the sleeping tablets kept me under for a very long time day or night. i will finish with the meds over the weekend and then start with the IDT again come Monday morning when my system is clean of all the pills..... the Doc suggested 2 weeks rest and then slowly back on the IDT IF IT DOES NOT HURT !!! Just glad it is so far down the line , and now my wifes Boss tested positive for Covid, fortunately we lived like separate life's , she in the one bedroom and me in the other before and after the op, because i had to isolate before the op............ never a dull moment!!!
  14. Help.Me.


    I am in the same boat, waiting for my renewal of my competancy certificates. Last night my neighbour 1,5km from us got robbed by 5 men, armed with a handgun and pangas. They were braaing outside when they got attacked. Shots were fired by the robbers and one hit his brother in law on his side, the other bullet just scraped one guest. Fortunately a guest came around the corner and fired at the robbers. They took cellphones, juwelery and a laptop and fled....this could have turned very bad if the guest did not intervere with the robbers. Just another farm attack in good old SA......
  15. Yes that is some of the movements i have to do, but the list goes on....glad to hear your recovery part. Something to look forward too. For now baby steps i do not want to go through another shoulder op again, this pain is real.....
  16. This starts looking like a medical journal. I thouhgt i was the only buggered weekend warrior around. Day 5 after my shoulder op, and i wants to faint every time my wife helps me with the rehab sessions.......flippin sore
  17. Dankie nou kan ek ook bietjie Afrikaans skryf....ek sukkel om my soms in Engels uit te druk...limited vocabulary etc.As julle oor n nuwe plek wil skryf, moet julle Addo toe kom na Haytersdale, hulle is besig om n hele nuwe kamp terrein op te rig vir fietsryers, stappers en drawwers. Plek gaan baie lekker wees met baie single trek om te ry!!! Just for the English die hards.. Robbie and Trevor is building new facilities( over night tents etc) at Hayterdale to cater for more than just cycling.
  18. With comprehensive cover do you mean Specified under All Risk section of the policy?
  19. Thanks DJR, the timing is also bad, i am getting stronger on the bike etc, so i hope that i will bounce back stronger from this one. Roll on Monday!!
  20. My first op 17 years ago they nearly cut right around the shoulder open. That took a year to recover properly and i mean properly. The exercise directly after the op nearly made me fainted every time. The pain meds via an IV caused my diaphragm, to relax to much which interfered with my breathing. They then stopped the IV and gave me pain meds via injections....my backside looked liked a dart board afterwards. The last op in 2018 with the new technology was much smoother but the shoulder is not 100% yet and NO SWIMMING OR ROWING allowed. I must not use weights to get the shoulder stronger but those rubber bands...wish me luck!!
  21. I think the Doc will only know ones he did the fix. I had my left shoulder done in 2018 but that was more serious screws where put into the Acromion, with part of the screw head protruding against my skin, that was very sore and I was stuffed for quite some time. Fortunately the right shoulder , that was done 17 years ago , just need repairs on some tendons. Not looking forward to this sh#t again!!!
  22. Hi Fellow Hubbers, I am booked for the above procedure, how long will it be for me to be back on the IDT?
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