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  1. I will have to work on my socializing skills........have a few non alcoholic beers etc etc !!!😅 😅 Thanks for the advice!!
  2. I am totally aware of the drinking requires training too !!! Maybe this is where i am out of my depth , any kind of alcohol stuffs me up completely, i think i had my fair share when studying many moons ago!!!😁
  3. Hi ACE Cycles , when doing my longer training rides(3-4 hours) i normally take water and a banana, we will stop halfway and do a coffee and scone , when home i will have the usual chocolate milk and then a normal lunch or what ever. I am never that stuffed after my long rides compared to doing a "race/adventure". I am open for suggestions , i did take Game on Ride the Karroo and we indulge at every water point...........
  4. I do not want to high jack the thread, but every body rave about any race , stage race or a day event and telling about the the blast they had , stopping halfway and taking pictures and enjoying the scenery etc etc.......how come don't I share the same sentiment , I try to be fairly good prepared for the race/event but at the end it is still fairly tough for me. Before you ask I am not a racing snake I am a mid pack rider, I basically just plod along and finish the event. I did Ride the Karoo a few weeks back and when walking past people at the showers/downing hall/ bar I wonder if they all feel as stuffed as I feel? I just want to get in the shade and sleep till the next day, then you get people really partying till very late and next day they are back on their bikes hitting the road as if nothing happened...........WHAT am I doing wrong??......🙄
  5. Hallo Dips, thanks that sounds like "fun" lets see the other recommendations from the "pro's" 🤣. When last did you hear from Rouxtjie? Is he still cycling? We must have a J2C 2013 reunion!!
  6. Doing my outside longer rides over weekends. Spinning during the weekdays on IDT.
  7. I have followed the Base Programs on Trainer Road and were quite impressed with the ease I did my outside rides over the weekends. I then did a TR generated training program for my event. I got a bit distracted in doing this because the event was postponed and life happens. When I did my "race" I was under prepared but survived just fine. The big question now is what kind of training must I do now? Must i start with Base Training again and just build my Base? There are no races in the next 4 months that I am looking at.
  8. Thank you very much for this useless piece of info.......words really fail me
  9. I am about 200km from Willlowmore , PE side but more inland and the weather is k.k out here. Windy and bleddie cold. So it is going to be a proper test....
  10. We are trying to "save" the trip , one of the participants phoned me and we are trying to do something on our own. Is there any body on Bikehub that entered for the trip ? Please send me a pm i want to make contact with you.....
  11. Okay so we just receive a letter that the Hessequa/Overberg tour of 2-8 September has been cancelled.....so yes there goes our money !!!
  12. Vettes....Pics or we do not believe you! Welcome back to you to , or are you lurking in the background!!🤣
  13. Welcome back Dipslick, nice to hear from you again , just keep on riding!! 2013 J2C sounds long gone.....
  14. It seems nothing is stopping this bloke from carrying on with his modus operandi ? Seems to me he operates like a pro...........??🙄
  15. I cannot see that after the 14 days "lockdown level 4" that it will be lifted , it is only going to result in another 14 days. Positive numbers are growing in towns like Graaff Reinette, Aberdeen etc , Willowmore is just around the corner from there. Peeps from Gauteng will not be allowed to travel so catch 22........i hope i am wrong
  16. Because it is the TB and they can do it...........
  17. I think every body is holding their breaths on this one..........the guys fit and strong wants it to take place , the not so fit hopes for some extra time...........
  18. Fortunately me and my partner bought tickets for less 50% R 4375 x 2 i think....
  19. Omw i have booked a tour with him.....Hessequa/Overberg cruise , and i see the site is Off Line....what a #×+@$!!!
  20. I have not "chat" on bike hub for some time now, and I am not a great contributor too many of the threads. I must still get use to the new lay out , which really does not do it for me , maybe the resistance to change is stronger than ever. I feel now less eager to visit the site because this was a once stop "shop" to get a lot of info, I don't do FB etc etc. Its early days still, maybe the change is for the better?
  21. I can relate to all the stories above...........my weight is constant from Dec, but i lack getting back to eating less and more healthy......my training makes up for what i put in my mouth fortunately , dont know for how long still!!
  22. I dont smoke, so the money i spend at my LBS, is for the smokes i am not buying...
  23. I don't think you can go wrong with a Concept2 product, but how effective it is I really don't know......looks tiring
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