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  1. Looks like Rafa nadal has transitioned and got 3rd in ladies bike race - well done to her
  2. Glad you’re ok - hope you follow up and make and example of this box
  3. I can’t go through it again - mute button activated
  4. I thought McNulty made a good go of it. I really wanted him to medal because it’s good for cycling but also because I love it when domestiques shine PS pogacar for green next year
  5. Carapaz rode a blinder but I think had Wout not been in the group behind, they would have done a better job - I mean they had him down to 14 seconds but no one wanted to work with Wout silly really because instead of fighting for 2 medals, the group were fighting for bronze I feel a bit for Wout as he is so marked - but I’m not crying for him, he seems to be doing ok with the cycling thing
  6. Snow capped mountains here - chilly but at least dry
  7. Taja can sprint Cav is lucky he didn’t go for green apparently the gold medalist won a stage in the giro he won the giro ffs This was a really good race but my ears are hurting. Going for a ride to try an unhear this
  8. Tour de France winners name keeps changing tada tajed taga ffs
  9. Loved those but that was comedy this is horrible and their knowledge of the riders is woeful. Some of the effluent coming out of his mouth… if you’re paid to do commentary at least learn the name of the riders and the route
  10. While I think that wave pool surfing has become predictable I’d have to agree with you - surfing relies too much on external factors like luck and it’s seldom an even playing field, especially in Japan. Not very Olympic in spirit whilst Japan has had waves pools longer than most, none are world class to my knowledge
  11. Absolutely brilliant @PatcheliciousI will make my donation tomorrow to local George SPCA and Odin (another local cat and dog oganisation) In retrospect I should have made you eat them in short socks on your bike with a saddle bag and Fanny pack
  12. Early 90s mtb - 2020 gravel bike not the same thing, very distant cousins evolution is a real thing
  13. As a gravel bike doofus, I like this and I even think it looks nice but style is subjective the whole point is to enable those with hard tails to do a quick bar change for touring which would make your ride more comfortable for relatively little money and little hassle you get more options with one bike pretty inventive
  14. Pyga were world leaders before Covid - now everyone is copying them with the “Here’s our new bike you can’t get” approach
  15. I’d bet wherever Cav goes it will be on a specialised bike I don’t think money will be the issue, he’ll want more guarantees in terms of big races Best move if they even want him is to stay at DQS for free
  16. N1no has been sandbagging he’s going out in style I have no idea what I’m talking about, what time is the gravel race, is Lachlan riding - are guys without beards allowed on the podium ?
  17. Cheaper than XX1 and so far I’d say quality is on par
  18. Go for it, it’s solid and you can upgrade later - at 18k there’s not much downside
  19. I’m one of 3 people I know who had one - awful piece of kit, Loud, clunky, grindy, skippy hopefully others have had better experience
  20. You are getting so close to a gravel biker tourer - just come out the closet Patch, get your frame bag, flannel shirt and your Rapha tin mug
  21. I see a saffa dropped valverde on the final climb to win in 1912
  22. The bikes are scanned and checked randomly (not that this stopped traditional doping) but if John Wakefield can bring me a “faster” Colnago I’d be interested
  23. To be fair you are looking for difficult parts in difficult times you are looking for parts of a groupset which means someone needs to be willing to break them up or maybe they had a crash and have leftovers you just have to be patient or break the bank and get a full groupset eventually they turn up - maybe go to your local LBS and let them know for when a customer upgrades and has stuff you might need
  24. I have a similar cadence to him I noticed today Although I might be in the granny gears at the time
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