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  1. You've probably answered yourself already... See you on the start line.
  2. In response to one of the queries to race reports, here are some pictures we took during the event. Not really a race, unless you're going for a placing in the overall or any of the age group categories... I've done many of the awesome events around SA, but somehow haven't gotten around to taking in the naturescapes of the Baviaanskloof. What an absolute blessing to ride in such majestic mountains! I'll leave the text on the event to others who have the time to put pen to paper and let the pictures do the talking in this post... Enjoy.
  3. With the worst possible MTB geo ever. So yes, an MTB, but not at all. For its intended purpose it's a winner. It carries loads with aplomb, has comfortable geo for looooooong days in the saddle and climbs really well. Yes, there are more comfortable ways to tackle corrugations, but then those more comfortable bikes have way too many drawbacks when it comes to 250km plus days in the saddle, or long tours.
  4. Obie isn’t pretty good, he’s bloody excellent! I don’t stay in Centurion, but always make the drive there to have my Lefty (and some other work that I don’t have the tools for) serviced.
  5. We got the Breville Barista Express in Feb and I couldn’t possibly be happier with it. Major consideration for me was to get a manual machine (as opposed to bean to cup) and the BBE ticked all of the boxes that I deemed important. I’m no expert barista, but I thoroughly enjoy the process of making the coffee and experimenting with different beans to extract great espresso’s. Also, I’m really chuffed with the consistency of the taste and am in general no longer impressed by most Pta coffee shops and restaurants’ coffee when compared to what I now drink at home.
  6. Whether you go 100, 120 or 140mm will ultimately depend on what opinions you value the most. Whatever bike you get though, do yourself a favour and get proper skills training - it is guaranteed to open a new world for you (especially considering a roadie background).
  7. Heaven forbid that one states here that the road in that picture is perfect for a gravel bike...
  8. In reference to the topic, I don't believe that such a bike exists. Said bike is dependent on your riding preferences, your preferred terrain and preference for cycling category, so to even think that one bike could rule them all is unfounded in its totality; albeit an interesting discussion... There can never be any sort of agreement, as each perspective on this is unique and related to personal preferences. What holds true though, is that there may be a single bike that one person may prefer over all other bikes, but this is unique to personal preferences. A trail bike can never be the 'one bike' for a trans continental tourer, inasmuch as a gravel bike will never be an option for a die hard downhiller. The list goes on... My love of cycling is deep and I have little preference for one discipline over any other, with my riding reflecting different seasons and preferences as time goes by. At times a down country trail bike would be all the rage, then a racy XC bike, other times a long distance gravel bike, then a light road bike, all depending on what my mood is like and where I want to travel to and what experience I am seeking. In the end, the one bike to rule them all is the one that you own and ride the most. For the theoretical discussion around it, well it has to be your first BMX...
  9. This has to be one of the greatest retro outfits and reasoning for a retro outfit in the history of road cycling. https://cyclingtips.com/2021/06/alpecin-fenix-pays-tribute-to-raymond-poulidor-with-new-kit-for-tour-team-presentation/ Holding thumbs for MvdP to get yellow for Poupou...
  10. I tried and failed too many times with the Garmin route creator. It often does apparently random routing, with U-turns, unfathomable turns and generally poor routing. Fortunately Strava has a far better (more intuitive routing with far less of the funkies that Garmin comes up with) route creator (paid membership though) and when linked directly to your Garmin Connect creates for an easy upload onto your device. If not connected, then just download the .gpx file from Strava and load onto Garmin device.
  11. Save up and spend your ZARs on an Exposure Light... Bloomin expensive, yes; but, it's simply in a class of it's own in my opinion. Couldn't agree more. Many options on the fly as to power usage/lux levels and also has the self adjusting high beam function on the MTB versions (I have the MaxxD).
  12. What you're describing is exactly the reason why I sold my Spez. For a plusher ride, you'd be best advised to dial the brain down. Pressure may be in line with the manufacturer's suggested pressure for your weight (taking cognisance of terrain targeted), best to then also try different rebound settings. Good luck.
  13. Useful link for tire pressure determination: https://axs.sram.com/guides/tire/pressure
  14. I notice new moon is on the 11th, so we'll have a brilliantly beautiful milky way to etch out the Swartberg mountain range during the night. Really looking forward to riding in the little karoo at night again!
  15. The strategy is entirely dependent on planned ave. speed... But, I am with you on the extra layers for the crispy mornings. Weather forecast looks good, but 9-11 min (depending on source) is quite chilly for me on the bike. Planning on having a box of warm goodies (beanie, knee warmers, wind tight gloves, etc.) at CP3. Will carry arm warmers from the start and put those on when need be.
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