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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there, Model Fork: Fox 32 Float Performance w/ 15thru-axle, overdrive steerer, 140mm travel. (I realize this is not a high grade fork and for a 32 at 140mm its not as good as say a 32 at 100mm) Wheels and Tyres: Onza Ibex 2.25 and Giant stock S XC-2 Tyre Pressure front 22/23psi and rear 26psi (up or down a few depending) Fork Pressure: recommended around 75 (set to sag) currently at 95 (reason why below) and shock around 155. Current weight 77.5kg 6 turns from the right (rebound) Running the stock 75mm stem with 760mm bars and one large spacer above. I have been riding for just over a year so Singletrack technique always needs improving. Problem i'm having is down a long section of ST the bike handles great with pro pedal on both fork and shock. Feeling firm but controlled in the front. Body position seems good, elbows bent, weight not too far back and keeping pressure on the front wheel. Switchbacks downhill and cornering good at a decent speed. Keep in mind I have upped the fork pressure to 95 (too high surely?) With that I end a ride with around 3cm or so of space above my spacer no big drops or anything. When I put the fork and shock into fully open here is the problem: I feel way less in control of the front end, the shock compresses pretty deep just leaning on it even at 95 psi and round switchbacks and corners it almost dives into its travel. Feeling sketchy compared to half locked (pro pedal) mode. I have come off the front a few times its dived so much into steep stuff. The bike is a 2016 model and pretty new only a few months 6/7 old. No service to the fork or shock yet. I thought of ordering a volume spacer or two and playing around with that? As I would like to setup the fork based on sag rather than over filling it to 95psi. Otherwise could it just be i'm putting to much weight on the front end around corners? or bad technique? Appreciate the feedback? Thought i'd ask here before taking it in and asking the shop. Sean Fox 32 Float Performance w/ 15mm thru-axle, OverDrive steerer, 140mm travel
  2. To kickstart this thread, here are the official bits relating to this year's Road World Champs ) 2016. First a picture of the current Road World Champs, in case you forgot: Elite Men - Peter Sagan Elite Woman - Lizzie Armitstead..... The qualification process - how do nations get the number of riders to the start line. Download the file (or click the link above) Systèmedequalification2016-ENG-Final_English.pdf The cut-off date for qualification is 22 August, which is around the corner - hence the information being posted so soon. South Africa is currently ranked 20th (mens) and 12th (ladies), but only the top 10 nations get preferential qualification. The rest have to follow alternative means of qualification. Louis (Maincheese) is currently ranked 46th, so the SA men get to send three riders. Ashleigh (Moolman-Pasio) is currently ranked 9th, so we also (should) get three riders.Assuming I have read, and understood, the qualification process listed in the file above, and summarised below: 3. Qualification through the Individual UCI World Ranking Each nation which has not otherwise qualified, which has its top-ranked rider: - among the first 100 positions in the individual UCI World Ranking on 22 August 2016: each nation may enter 3 riders to start. The official UCI website for 2016 THE RACE ROUTE(S) Elite Woman - http://www.dohacycling2016.com/event/women-elite-road-race/ http://www.dohacycling2016.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/road-race-women-elite.jpg Elite Men - http://www.dohacycling2016.com/event/men-elite-road-race/http://www.dohacycling2016.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/road-race-men-elite-map.jpg To see the other disciplines (TT and other categories) - http://www.dohacycling2016.com/events/category/road-races/
  3. Last year in August/September 2 boys from Westville in KZN took on the rest of the world when they, along with a few other talented South Africans, were selected to represent their country at the 2015 World Championships in Andorra 2Bros Take on Addorra was by all accounts a well supported attempt to assist these guys in leaving a mark on the international stage and help them to achieve a goal. Many Hubbers stepped forward and offered support in the way of spare parts, much needed funding and moral support. The net result was a 15th for Jono and a 38th for Chris (who crashed twice in his race run) So..... what's been happening since then? Well.... a lot actually and at the same time, not enough.... The boys and their father have relocated to PMB to be close to where the action is and allow the boys to train at the WC track as well as ride Cascades and all the awesome mountain biking around the area every day. Mom is still living and working in Durban so they only get to hook up as a family on weekends. The results speak for themselves though. The hard work and sacrifice is paying off! Chris is home schooling to concentrate on training and racing and Jono is focusing full time on training and racing. 2Bros Racing is a brand. (Much like Atherton Racing and I am pretty sure that is where the idea came from. Marc can correct me if I am out of line). It does however leave the impression that they are a sponsored team. This is not the case. Couldn't be further from the truth. The reality is that 2Bros Racing is a family concern that funds most of their requirements from the grocery budget with a little assistance from friends and family. They are riding dated equipment yet still kicking @ss and taking names. Imagine what they could achieve with the right tools........ Over the years there has been some generous assistance from some good people. These guys however are at the stage now where they need more that a few excess spare parts that came from someone's garage or a donation of a few hundred rand towards race entries and transport. They need proper sponsors! This is an opportunity to take your product/brand overseas and have it showcased by two very bright stars. These guys ARE that good. They have often been referred to as the next big thing in SA Downhill. I have a Sponsorship proposal that is unfortunately too big to upload. However if you know anybody that can assist these two guys or you are able to help in anyway, please PM me and I will send it to you via email. There is an opportunity here to help two rising stars! Really hoping that they can hook up with a few sponsors that can assist with equipment, travel, nutrition, clothing, etc. If we could finance the whole package, take some pressure off the family and help these guys achieve a dream that would be awesome! There was a lot of positive response from the gravity community last year. Here's hoping that we can follow through on some of those ideas Contact details are as follows: Website: 2Bros Racing They also have a face book page and if anybody wants to chat to Marc (Their Dad and Manager), please PM me and I will give you his contact details. PLEASE guys!!! Lets help these boys!!!!!
  4. Event Name: 2016 Momentum Wees Wakker Fees MTB Challenge When: 13 August 2016 Where: Pienaardam Resort, Middelburg, Mpumulanga Category: MTB One of the premier events on the Highveld MTB calendar for 2016. Three distances planned (70km, 35km, 15km and 5km fun walk ride). Serious prize money shared equally between women and men. Fun filled day for the whole family with good food, coffee and lots of entertainment. Event forms part of the annual Wees Wakker Fees as hosted by Laerskool Middelburg www.laerskoolmiddelburg.co.za. Go to Event Page
  5. Warning, serious rant below. This race was for sure the worst one I’ve done to date. There are a number of reasons, but let’s list a few of them here. Some of these issues may not be universally applicable but I still feel they played a role in the overall poor experience had by myself and many other participants. Note that I also did this event last year, and I loved it 1. Registration: I didn’t go to the registration myself this year, but my buddy who offered to stand in line for a group of us had a miserable time. Took him over an hour. From what I gather the tablet system was to blame. I guess that actually boils down to either using an untested system or poor planning and execution. 2. Loading of riders into start chutes: I started in B batch for the Marathon. I was there on time, but still didn’t manage to get in the chute before the gun went off. I estimate that a third of the batch was still trying to get in by the time the gun went off. Again, the tablets and scanners are to blame. There were only two guys loading us all in. When I did manage to get in the people were already putting up the tape for C batch. Surely management should have recognized the issue and delayed the start. 3. Water points: Three. I don’t need to say more, but I will. This was simply not enough for this race. And then when you got to them they had nothing. “Uh sorry, our water is done”. 4. Route: Hands down the most boring route I have ever done. Last year the route was awesome, in fact it was the reason I joined Tygerberg MTB club. This year it was the Tour de Sand. If I say there was 3km of singletrack I’m probably exaggerating. After 30km I was totally over it. 5. Post race area: It looked like the Ashburton clients had a brilliant time. If you were however, like me, not one of their clients you really didn’t have much choice. If you were very determined you would have found the small little table that sold some beer off to the one side. Thanks for alienating your potential cleints Ashburton. I don’t think I want to be one of your clients after that display. 6. Results: uuh...All I get is an Error 404 page. It was not all bad though, the Biogen cooldrinks were actually quite nice, and I dig the free socks. The negatives unfortunately far outweighed the positives and I will not be doing any more races in the Ashburton series, ever. Wish I rather went for a ride with my buddies in Jonkershoek yesterday.
  6. 2016 ProTour team kits - with some comments from the source "Professional cycling teams have started to reveal their new kit designs for the forthcoming season. Some have opted for a completely new design to reflect a change in sponsor, or freshen up their look – others have taken the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach. We’ll keep track of the latest team kit announcements on this page, updated regularly. Read more at http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk/news/latest-news/2016-cycling-team-kits-203096#LgQf9u2WYgSx8Fvp.99" Katusha Note: Tried searching for a similar thread from last year, or prior years, but found nothing.
  7. Via VeloNews http://velonews.competitor.com/2015/09/news/giro-2016-route-accidentally-leaked_386877 MILAN (VN) — The 2016 Giro d’Italia route was accidentally made public Wednesday night, five days early. Organizer RCS Sport saw its crown jewel shown to all before it had intended to do so at the EXPO 2015 in Milan. Italian website Cicloweb revealed that if one changed the date in the URL from 2015 to 2016 on RCS Sport’s Gazzetta website then the Ghiera or ring design of next year’s Italian grand tour would display. VeloNews reached out to RCS Sport’s cycling division, but representatives did not respond in time for this article. The 21 stages below show the first three in the Netherlands, which RCS Sport announced in June, the Chianti vineyard time trial it unveiled in September, and the Friuli-Venezia Giulia mountain stage released last week. Interestingly, the race will feature three different individual tests: a short opening time trial, the Chianti TT, and a uphill time trial in stage 15. The remaining 16 stages were not meant for public consumption until 14:00 local time Monday in Milan when RCS Sport’s bosses, including cycling director Mauro Vegni, will officially release the 2016 route. ASO, organizer of the Tour de France, made the same mistake in 2011 when its route briefly appeared on its website. The leaked and still unofficial stages show the Giro heading north from Italy’s toe through the Campania, Abruzzo, and Umbria regions to reach Tuscany for the time trial and first rest day. The big mountains begin with Corvara (Alta Badia) and continue through the Alps to the west into France for a stage to Risoul and Sant’Anna di Vinadio on the final weekend. Along the way, the cyclists will face a third time trial, an uphill test on the Alpe di Siusi. The race ends May 29 with a flat sprinters’ stage not in Milan, but in Turin. In addition to the three time trials, the route offers seven stages for sprinters and one that reaches 234 kilometers. For the exact details, however, fans will have to tune in Monday. Stage 1, 6 May: Apeldoorn (TT) 9.8km Stage 2, 7 May: Arnhem-Nijmegen (sprint) 190km Stage 3, 8 May: Nijmegen-Arnhem (sprint) 189km Stage 4, 10 May: Catanzaro-Praia a Mare (rolling) 191km Stage 5, 11 May: Praia a Mare-Benevento (sprint) 233km Stage 6, 12 May: Ponte-Roccaraso (Aremogna) (mountains) 185km Stage 7, 13 May: Sulmona-Foligno (sprint) 210km Stage 8, 14 May: Foligno-Arezzo (rolling) 169km Stage 9, 15 May: Chianti Classico Stage Radda in Chianti-Greve in Chianti (TT) 40.4km Stage 10, 17 May: Campi Bisenzio-Sestola (mountains) 216km Stage 11, 18 May: Modena-Asolo (rolling) 212km Stage 12, 19 May: Noale-Bibione (sprint) 168km Stage 13, 20 May: Palmanova-Cividale del Friuli (mountains) 161km Stage 14, 21 May: Alpago (Farra)-Corvara (Alta Badia) (mountains) 210km Stage 15, 22 May: Castelrotto-Alpe di Siusi (HCTT) 10.8km Stage 16, 24 May: Bressanone-Andalo (rolling) 133km Stage 17, 25 May: Molveno-Cassano d’Adda (sprint) 196km Stage 18, 26 May: Muggiò-Pinerolo (rolling) 234km Stage 19, 27 May: Pinerolo-Risoul (mountains) 161km Stage 20, 28 May: Guillestre-Sant’Anna di Vinadio (mountains) 150km Stage 21, 29 May: Cuneo-Torino (sprint) 150km
  8. http://i9.cmail2.com/ti/j/E1/3D5/F9D/194019/images/asg_news2.png ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ ENTRIES OPEN FOR THE WEST RAND'S BIGGEST CYCLING FESTIVAL http://i3.cmail2.com/ei/j/55/792/5ED/csimport/BergenDalelogo.121441.jpg The 2016 Berge en Dale Classic, presented by Optimum Financial Services on 6 February 2016, is a premier seeding event for the Cape Town Cycle Tour, presenting distance options of 102km and 55km. TO GO TO THE EVENT SITE AND TO ENTER, CLICK HERE The state-of-the-art Cradlestone Shopping Mall on the R28 in Krugersdorp provides the venue for the event, presenting a user-friendly experience with ample parking and lots to do once the race finishes. The event attracted 5 000 cyclists in the 2015 edition and the 2016 venue remains unchanged with the only change on the race route that cyclists will be going directly onto the R28 off Beyers Naude Drive without having to descent down and through Muldersdrift. R10 of every race entry will be donated to the South African Muscular Dystrophy Foundation of South Africa. Please look out for the tick box during the on-line entry process if you would like to make an additional donation. Race Office: Call 076 621 1807 or email eventsupport@asgworld.co.za .............................................................................................................................................................. BESTMED BALLITO EXPEDITION PEN-ULTIMATE STOP-OVER FOR BESTMED NATIONAL SERIES http://i4.cmail2.com/ei/j/55/792/5ED/csimport/BESTEMEDRACES2015editable_Page_3.122522.jpg The Bestmed Ballito Expedition is in its third year now and takes place at the Sugar Rush Adventure Centre on 14 November 2015. It's the pen-ultimate event of the series with the Grand Finale at the Bestmed Paarl MTB Classic a week later on 22 November. For info on the Series, click here. For info and entries click here. .............................................................................................................................................................. http://i10.cmail2.com/ti/j/E1/3D5/F9D/194019/images/footer_01.jpg http://i3.cmail2.com/ti/j/E1/3D5/F9D/194019/images/footer_03.jpg http://i1.cmail2.com/ti/j/E1/3D5/F9D/194019/images/footer_04.jpg http://i2.cmail2.com/ti/j/E1/3D5/F9D/194019/images/footer_06.jpg
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