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Second hand parts


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Believe me nothing will sell for a silly price on the hub, we have more than enough price police to tell people if their prices are wrong, and they will

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Agree with Mark, if Admin disabled post counts in the Classifieds, then I all of us would be under 1000 posts ;)


But then again its like our official Hub sport, knock the guys trying to rip us off.

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Why are most of the hubbers, trying to sell used parts at silly prices...?



Sorry cant agree........ i got some great bargains on the Hub and sold a few parts at great prices as well............

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If you see something for a silly price, just don't buy it. Easy.

If you really want it, tell the oke that the CWC/CRC price is RXXX, so you will offer him RXXX- Y%. If he accepts, good for you. If he does not, he can sit with his used stuff till the end of days. Easy.

All depends how bad you want the article. A free market system.

I buy lots of stuff off the hub market. Usually cheaper than the LBS and even CWC.

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A guideline for used parts in good nick is 1/2 the CRC price as far as I am concerned.


Just ignore the silly prices. I've been buying on the hub, got some good deals lately ...

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Built my bike on the HUB plus extras:





Front fork

Disk Brakes




Merida MTB for the wife but my son grabbed it.


Couriered all big parts through a hubber as well.


Polar Watch

IDT Giant

Bike Carrier Bones

MTB Shoes


All at +/- 50% of buying the new parts.

Had a different user name then and for the life of me cannot remeber it. Most of the hubbers I bought from then I have not seen around again.

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What many people don't realise is that new bike prices have dropped considerably since 2009. I believe that there are even more decreases in store for 2012.


You get some poor bloke who paid R30 000 for his carbon steed in 2009 and now tries to off load it for a reasonable (for him) R20 000; only to discover that the new, more improved 2012 version is now R22 000.


What gets to me is the people who don't research their prices before advertising or even bother to read the name of their bike on the side of it. How many Fugis have we seen for sale? A simple glance on the down tube of their own bike will reveal that is real name is a Fuji.

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Why are most of the one-post-wonder hubbers, trying to sell used parts at silly prices...?




There, fixed your question


+1 :clap:


If you see a bargain, buy it. if the guy is crazy- tell him or ignore him!

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my only prerequisite (did i spell that right) is the seller reveal ALL info of said bargain or item in GOOD nick.. have bought some bargains and have been SERIOUSLY let down past few months.. cracks in carbon Brake pads copletely worn... MY philosophy if you want others to buy from you again sell something you are willing to buy... and yes some guys are really foolish to think they can sell at a 25% derpeciated value... when 2nd hand = 50% value or less (dependant on buyer demand)

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