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Open Apology to Probike.

Starvin' Marvin

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Last night on a thread about Raleighs I made a comment without thought and without the full knowledge of the situation between Probike and Raleigh with regards to warranty issues.


I spoke to Brandon Els on the phone today and now fully understand the situation.


Brandon and the guys at Probike are doing their best to help on all warranty issues.


I apologise for any inconvienece caused to Probike.





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Thanks agent. I just hope they see the thread.


I was going to upgrade from my RC8000 to a Specialized, after chatting to Brandon today, a Scott it will be.

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Ahhh ready, fire, aim and foot in mouth disease - we've all had it...


I am going to develop a medical cure for this and make billions.


(insert evil scientist laugh)


To be fair, its something i suffer from as well.


apparently the cure is simply to shut up, pffffftt like i am going to do that!

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