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bc-1000 ant+ wireless body composition monitor


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Would love one, good review on DCRainmaker.com


I bought a Salter scale that measures body fat, hydration etc. from @home for R500 a while back, maybe worth a look.

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Unfortunately the local Tanita agents are not willing to supply this product.


Trying to get it from abroad proved fruitless as well. I even took it up with Tanita themselves. Their reply was to work through the local agent, who on my second request for the scale got annoyed with me bothering them again.


Me: Why can't you supply me the scale?

Them: Because it is not available in South Africa.

Me: I know that. You are the agent for Tanita products in South Africa, right?

Them: Yes we are!

Me: But why do you not change that? Make this product available to the public of South Africa.

Them: Didn't you hear me the first time? This product is not available in South Africa!!!

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In the end I bought a scale from Clicks that does all the interesting numbers. I think it was around R200.


DC Rainmaker did an interesting investigation recently (DC Rainmaker scale comparison), comparing all the body composition scales he could find, and referencing their accuracy with something clinical called the Bod-Pod. I think in the end he concluded that they are all inconsistent with one another, but that they all work very well to track the trend over time, as long as you stick with the same scale.

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