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New cassette worn chain.


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My wheel needs to be repaired. The chain on my bike is on it's last legs.


Will there be any slippage or premature wear if I put my wife's new wheel (with new cassette) on my bike with my old chain?


I only intend on riding 40odd kms with it.

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Depends on how worn that chain is - 40km should be ok, but you need a new chain anyway for your bike, so why don't you buy one and use it with your wifes wheel - chains are cheap compared to clusters.....

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40km total or 40km per ride?


A new cassette deserves a new chain.

Basically to work and back tomorrow whilst mine is being repaired.

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Chains don't age, They elongate as they wear. Therefore "old" is subjective. You need to measure the chain and see if it is still within spec. I think one of the pinned topics contain a document called "Everything You need to Know about Bicycle Chains" or such. That will explain how to measure it etc.



In short, if your chain has not yet worn and elongated 0.5%, it will not damage the cassette. If the wear is beyond that, it will damage the cassette and rather quickly too.


Take the chain off your wife's bike and use that tomorrow.

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