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Site Downtime: 7 Jan 2016


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Hi Hubbers,


Glad to be back online!!


Thank you all for the support via social media and other channels today and for your patience. We hate any downtime and today was a bit nasty one with nearly 13 hours total downtime.


Our sincere apologies for any withdrawals experienced today and any inconvenience caused.


What happened? One of our servers which stores all uploaded images experienced an critical issue when (what should have been) a routine script ran. The error caused was severe enough to require us to restore from an earlier snapshot backup. Due to the sheer size of the backup this took over 11 hours to complete during which a lot of waiting, hair pulling and frantic phone calls looking for quicker solutions took place.


Thanks again to everyone for the patience and support today. And a big thanks to Nick @ HQ for handling the flurry of social media enquiries and comms like a champ.


Happy Hubbing!



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Top Posters In This Topic

I blame the 'I have an idea for a new thread...' Posts of late. Way too much time spent there, so someone's boss got annoyed.

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Thought I was locked out of heaven, so glad I wasn't alone in my misery. Now to waste more time during the day.

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